Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale & Technique

Heavenly strike is one of the mythic tales in Ghost of Tsushima. When you complete it, you’ll unlock the Heavenly Strike legendary technique, and you’ll get a fancy sword kit as well. Before you do, though, you’ll have to do some detective work and defeat a blood-thirsty warrior, after following the trail of bodies he leaves behind him. If you’re having trouble with this side quest, we’ll show you how to complete Ghost of Tsushima heavenly strike mythic tale, how to unlock the mythic technique and use it.

ghost of tsushima heavenly strike mythic tale technique
Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale & Technique

How to unlock Heavenly Strike mythic technique?

In order to unlock this legendary technique, you’ll have to complete the Heavenly Strike mythic tale. Complete this side quest, and you’ll get the new skill. It allows you to perform a quick attack that cannot be blocked, and costs one resolve. If you kill someone with it, nearby enemies have a chance of becoming terrified. To use it, you simply need to press triangle and circle at the same time during combat.

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Where to find musician in Komatsu – Heavenly Strike mythic tale

To begin the quest, you’ll have to head to Komatsu and speak to the traveling musician Yamato. You’ll find him east of the village, on the crossroads near River Falls Bridge. He’ll be surrounded by a bunch of fresh corpses. If he isn’t there, you probably have to activate the quest first. This is done by talking to NPCs until you get the rumored location of the musician. Just make sure to speak to everyone with a speech bubble above their head, and you’ll get it soon enough.

Look for a white-leafed tree

Once Yamato has told you his tale, you’ll start following clues in order to find Yasuhira. Simply follow the map markers and you won’t have any trouble – it’s all very clearly explained. The only objective where you might get stuck is when looking for a white leafed tree. The quest will show you an area that encompasses the whole of Shigenori’s Peak. The tree is at the top, but in order to reach it, you’ll have to go past the gate and the uphill path, and look for a climbing route by the small camp in the south of the hill.

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