Ghost of Tsushima Legends Introduces Multiplayer & Mythology

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is a free add-on for Ghost of Tsushima, announced out of the blue mere hours ago. It’s coming later this year, and will be free to all owners of the game. It will focus on co-op multiplayer, and add a separate story based on Japanese folklore and mythology. So you’re getting demons and magical powers, and the ability to play with friends, all for the low low price of zero dollars. Apart from the PS Plus subscription you’ll have to have in order to play.

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ghost of tsushima legends
Ghost of Tsushima Legends Introduces Multiplayer & Mythology

The add-on will have nothing to do with the single player campaign’s story – it will instead follow for legendary warriors as they slay demons and protect the populace from other otherworldly threats. It will let you and 1-3 of your friends or random online strangers take on the roles of the Samurai, Ronin, Assassin and Hunter and play one of several modes. Each class will have a unique appeal, with abilities and advantages that are yet to be revealed.

As for the different modes, they include a co-op story for two players and the wave-based survival mode for four players. The developers have also mentioned a raid mode, which is supposed to be added to Legends shortly after it launches.

It’s great news for anyone who enjoyed the combat in Ghost of Tsushima above all else – the ability to play it with friends, and utilise new moves and comboes specifically designed for more players is going to be a boon. Don’t expect much in the way of story and exploration, though – if you’re here for the haiku and the tall grass gently swaying in the wind, Legends probably isn’t going to do much for you.

There’s no firm release date yet, but they’ve said it’s supposed to come out this Fall, so it should be mere months away.

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