Destiny 2 Solstice Armor Objectives - Combatants, Strike Playlist

Solstice armor is a special set in Destiny 2. It’s part of the summer event of 2020, and there’s one for each class. You’ll get your first piece when you talk to Eva Levante after logging in for the first time after the event starts. Each piece will start out as renewed (blue), and you’ll be able to upgrade them to majestic, then magnificent, by completing objectives. These objectives are different for each piece of every class’ set. They’re time-consuming, but not difficult. However, the descriptions are sometimes lacking, and a lot of folks are getting stuck here. This guide will show you how to figure out and complete Destiny 2 solstice armor objectives.

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destiny 2 solstice armor objectives tasks bugs
Destiny 2 Solstice Armor Objectives, Tasks & Bugs

Although the objectives are visible when you hover your cursor over the item in question, sometimes they just aren’t enough. When you’re uncertain about what you should do, inspect the piece and you’ll get a more detailed explanation.

Solstice armor objectives – combatants

This is one of the objectives that is causing the most trouble. It just says “combatants”, and players keep killing enemies without it filling up. Inspecting the item will show you the description, which clearly states only enemies killed in the European Aerail Zone count towards the total.

Solstice armor task – strike playlist

The second most common complaint is about the “strike playlist” task. There’s an icon next to it, and if you inspect the gear, it’ll tell you you need to kill enemies in strikes using a specific subclass or element.

Completed Solstice armor task bug

Some players have been complaining about completing all the objectives and not getting to the next level. The game only informs them their tasks are complete, but won’t let them upgrade the armor further. If this happens to you, make sure you meditate at the statue in the Tower, then try unequipping the gear before putting it back on.

Solstice armor multiplied progress not working

After you get your first Magnificent armor set, your other characters should get a progression bonus for theirs. A number of people have complained that their progress hasn’t multiplied after the fact. The developers at Bungie are aware of the problem – while they’re working on it, they suggest everyone beef up their Warlock or Hunter sets first, and leave the Titan for last.

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