Hitman 3 Game Modes Explained By Developers

Hitman 3 was announced only a few months ago, and the developers at IO Interactive are wasting no time when it comes to letting us know what to expect. Their latest blog post covers the different game modes that will be available in Hitman 3, some of which are returning fan favorites from the previous games. Read on for more info on what awaits you when the game launches, in January 2021.

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hitman 3 game modes
Hitman 3 Game Modes Explained By Developers

First off, there’s the campaign. Lots of locations, sandbox levels, dramatic conclusion to the trilogy etc. The “most important contrats” of 47’s career – I’m sure he says that to all the contracts. Pretty standard stuff.

Then there’s the Elusive Targets, making a comeback. If you’ve played the previous two, you know what to expect – tracking down a target with no help and no superpowers, then eliminating them in a way of your own choosing. They’re going to be making some changes to the mode, but they wouldn’t say which exactly yet.

Escalations is a mode in which new obstacles are introduces as the mission progresses. This includes restrictions on disguises, new camera locations and other “complications”. Contracts is also going to return, a mode in which you choose your targets and how to eliminate them, then challenge others to beat your score.

Sniper Assassin will make you eliminate your target without triggering an alarm, with optional objectives that will boost your score. It’s going to be a single-player affair only, available on existing maps.

Sadly, Ghost Mode won’t be making an appearance. If you’ve been enjoying it in Hitman 2, you have until August 31st to enjoy it some more – that’s when the servers are going offline. It seems like no other competitive multiplayer mode will be taking its place, so make these two weeks count.

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