Ghost of Tsushima Wax Wood, Yew Wood, Bamboo Locations

Wax wood, yew wood, and bamboo are crafting materials in Ghost of Tsushima. They’re used to upgrade ranged weapons, and you can find them all across the map. Some are more common than others, and you’ll need quite a lot of them to fully upgrade your bow. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you wax wood, yew wood & bamboo locations in Ghost of Tsushima.

Wax Wood Yew Wood Bamboo Locations Ghost of Tsushima
Wax Wood, Yew Wood, Bamboo locations in Ghost of Tsushima

How to get Bamboo

This one is the easiest types of wood to get, in case you are wondering how to get bamboo. The most common way to get it is from the tall bamboo trees found in every forest. It’s the most visible material node in the game. It also makes an awesome sound when you collect it.

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Bamboo can also be found in bundles on ground. These bundles are more common than the yew wood ones. They’re green, held together by three ribbons. You’ll find them near man-made buildings, cards and bamboo strike collectibles.

ghost of tsushima bamboo locations

The Charm of Inari can make bamboo farming almost too easy. The good news is that you can sell leftover bamboo to the Trapper. You’ll get one supply per unit. Reaching the satchel cap, which is at 500, happened more than once to us.

Don’t forget about the gift altar. This option unlocks fairly early on in the game, when you get to Golden Temple. Most of the time, it will reward you with additional bamboo, around 10 units each.

How to get Yew Wood

Wondering how to get yew wood in large quantities? The most common location for yew wood is in the forest, in the form of a tree. By default, you get one unit per tree. This tree has a specific look, quite different from the other trees, and it’s easy to spot it.

You can also find bundles of yew wood on the ground. They are usually close to carts and in front of houses. Look for bundles of grey sticks tied with a red ribbon. Each one gives six or so units of wood.

Ghost of Tsushima Yew Wood Location

There’s a charm that increases the amount of yew wood gained from collecting. We got it from Arrow Peak Shrine in southeastern Izuhara, our first Shinto Shrine. After we completed the game, we still had over 500 units of yew wood in our satchel, so there’s more than enough of it to go around.

How to get Wax Wood

If you’re wondering how to get wax wood, it all comes down to Shinto shrines. Upon completion of each shrine you’ll get one wax wood, and if you look closely, you’ll notice a small tree nearby, with one additional unit of wood. You can miss it easily – the Shinto shrines give the best charms in the game, and you might spend your time reading the description, forgetting there is more wood nearby. It has happened to us more than once.

You don’t need to complete all the Shinto Shrines out there, or loot every tree in their vicinity in order to upgrade all your ranged weapons all the way. At the end of game, with all bows maxed out and every Shinto shrine completed, we had thirteen wax wood left over.

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