Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Use - Deploy Healing Drone, Rocket Launcher, Fence Cutters

Healing drone, rocket launcher, regular drone, fence breaching tool, sensor launcher, cloaking spray, and more in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are different tools that you can use in the game. Almost each of these tools has a different method of use. How you use the tools in Ghost Recon Breakpoint depends on whether it’s a consumable, a class ability, or something else. To spice things up, there are some glitches that make things even more complicated. It’s a mess. That’s why we’ve written our Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Use – Deploy Healing Drone, Rocket Launcher, Fence Cutters guide to clear things up a bit.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Use Deploy Healing Drone Rocket Launcher Fence Cutters
Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Use – Deploy Healing Drone, Rocket Launcher, Fence Cutters

How to Deploy Healing Drone, Cloaking Spray in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To deploy the Healing Drone in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as well as the Cloaking Spray, you have to use the same method. The difference is which class you’re playing. Only the Medic can deploy the Healing Drone, while the Cloaking Spray is the specialty of the Panther class.

To deploy the Healing Drone, or Cloaking Spray, or whatever your class ability is, you have to press L1 + L2 on PlayStation 4, LB + RB on Xbox One, and Z on the PC. Keep in mind that all those abilities go on cooldown once you use them. So, if they aren’t working, that might be the reason.

Now, when it comes to the Healing Drone, keep in mind that you have to be pretty close to it in order to use it. When the ring lights up, you’ll know that you are in range. Press R3 to activate it, or whatever the equivalent is on your platform. It can get a little touch-and-go, admittedly, so good luck.

How to Use Regular Drone in Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to Fix Drone Bug?

To use the regular drone in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have to deploy it first. You do so by pressing and holding Up on the D-pad on consoles, or X on PC. From there, you just fly it around where you please and do what you want with it. Sometimes, you have to press the Up arrow on the D-pad twice for it to work. Simple stuff, or so you would think.

As it turns out, a lot of people are having trouble with the drone refusing to deploy. It’s a bug that has been hitting players randomly, across all platforms. Now, to fix this bug, there are several things you can try. For one, you can restart the game, but that doesn’t seem to work very often. You can also try dying and respawning, because that seems to fix the glitch sometimes. Or, you can just push forward and wait for the bug to sort itself out, because that happens, too. Overall, though, there’s no guarantee that this will work. Hopefully, Ubisoft will fix the problem soon.

How to Use Fence Breaching Tool, Rocket Launcher, Sensor Launcher in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To use the Fence Breaching Tool, Rocket Launcher, Sensor Launcher, and other such “consumables” in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have to do the same rigmarole as with the Binoculars. The first step is to go into the Loadout menu, and slot whichever item you want to use into one of the Consumables slots (they’re in the bottom left corner). Once you put the Fence Breaching Tool, Rocket Launcher, or whatever into the appropriate slot, open the Item Wheel and select the one you want to use. From there, press L1 to use it. The game is going to lead you from there.

Now, one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to the Fence Breaching Tool is that it can only cut through certain fences. Also, all of these are consumables, which is pretty ridiculous, especially the rocket launcher. What I mean is, some of them you can only use a limited number of times (like the Fence Breaching Tools), while others, like the Binoculars, are infinite. Always keep tabs on how many of each consumable you have in order to avoid headaches.

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    Guys it would help if you tell me what button to press to use the healing dart on teammates. Also I have no idea how to use the self-revive skill. Is it a button press? Or maybe I should activate the drone and use it to revive myself? No idea.

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