Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets open beta for its PvP mode

It has been almost a month since Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP mode was detailed in a video. This provided the first glimpse into what is going on, and one of the most interesting bits was that it is supposed to be free.

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Everyone likes a bit of PvP from time to time, and if the game is mostly about shooting people, that is even more expected. The PvP mode is supposed to bring team deathmatch to the game, putting 4v4 teams head to head in large open maps. Of course, classes are said to play a huge difference. There are three specific categories: Assault, Marksman and Support.

The open beta is supposed to start being available for pre-load on all platforms on September 19 (this includes PS4, Xbox One, and PC). What is the most interesting is that this is a stand alone download, you do not even have to own the game to be able to participate. The beta will remain available from 21st to 25th of September.

The beta will feature five maps and six unique classes, while the full version is expected to sport twelve classes. This should bring a large number of options and provide variety with different characteristics, as well as weapon and perks. There will be new things introduced, such as sound markers, as well as suppressing fire.

Once the beta has run its course, it will be available for free for anyone who already has the base game. We will keep you posted on the full release date, once Ubisoft decides to go more specific than “some time this fall”.