Character Customization Options in Code Vein Revealed

It seems we have a new video showcasing Code Vein Character customization options, courtesy of IGN. For the uninformed, Code Vein is Bandai Namco’s upcoming Dark Souls-like action RPG. It’s being developed by God Eater.

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The four-minute video shows all the ways we’ll be able to customize our in-game avatars. Gender, skin color, face shape, body type, eye color… they’re all customizable in quite a lot of detail. The character creating system goes to finer detail with eye shape, build, minor facial features Face paint is a special option that allows the players to add scars, war paint and even makeup, allowing for even greater degree of personalization. Age or even apparent age is not one of the options, Revenants are doomed to look young and beautiful, it would appear.

Of course, you can pick from a variety of clothing pieces. Clothing in the game is referred to as “inner clothes” and is worn under the “blood veil” that covers our revenant’s face. You can change the style and color of each piece of clothing. Different types of sleeves and collars are available and should really add to every character’s unique appearance. According to the video, you can even rotate various pouches that your character can wear.

The designers’ goal was to strike a balance between the anime style and realism, trying to achieve an “illustrated” and unique look. This is why they didn’t want to shade them too realistically, this makes character appear stylized, almost like comic book characters.

The enemies in Code Vein were once vampires like the main character, but they lost control over themselves and now roam the world as monsters. A lot of thought went into their design, to make each enemy type feel unique; from humanoid, almost-revenants to huge monstrosities that don’t look like they’ve ever been human.

Code Vein is set to be released for all current gen consoles and PC worldwide sometime in early 2018.