Ghost Recon Wildlands To Introduce Predator During The Hunt Event

The Predator is coming to the jungles of Bolivia in Ghost Recon Wildands. It will be terrorizing players until early January. You’ll be able to try and hunt the creature down either on your own or with up to three other people. If you manage to kill it, you’ll have the chance to get exclusive items to give you the edge going forward, such as the Predator helmet.

Ghost Recon Wildlands To Introduce Predator During The Hunt Event
Ghost Recon Wildlands To Introduce Predator During The Hunt Event

I’ll be the first to admit that Ghost Recon Wildlands never really peaked my fancy. I’m just not that into Tom Clancy games. The new free event that Ubisoft is planning for the game, though, almost makes me want to buy it. Emphasis on almost. Starting on December 14th, up until early January, the Predator will be hunting in the jungles of Bolivia. You’ll be able to face off against the creature either solo or in four-player co-op.

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Naturally, killing the Predator will be really difficult, even if it does bleed. As you can see in the trailer below, it’ll be using all of its usual tricks. Heat vision, blades, cloaking device, pulse canon, the whole gambit. If you do manage to defeat it, you’ll get exclusive themed items, such as the Predator mask, which will grant you Predator vision.

Naturally, there’s a Predator Pack in the in-game store, as well. It includes 15 new customization items, according to the announcement on the website. You can see some of them in the trailer. They include new gear and weapons the Predator helmet, its wristblades, etc. The free PvP mode, Ghost War, will also feature a new class. It’s called Predator Class, and it’s based on Schwarzenegger’s character Dutch. His thing is battle rage mode, which sounds interesting. So, Wildlands fans, prepare yourself for the jungle coming alive, dust off your best Schwarzenegger impression, and always remember to GET TO THE CHOPPA.

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