Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Antique Coin Locations

Not a Hero Antique Coins are a collectible in the new Resident Evil 7. Like in the base RE7, you can use them to purchase useful items from birdcages. These can prove to be pretty useful for you, but the Antique Coins are strewn all across the levels. Some are better hidden than others. So, to help you out, here’s a guide on where to find RE7 Not a Hero Antique Coins.

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Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Antique Coin Locations
Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Antique Coin Locations

Where to Find Antique Coins in Not a Hero RE7 DLC?

The Antique Coins in the Not a Hero are scattered across the RE7 DLC. There’s a total of eight of them that you can find. The first one is in the Central Cavern area, after you’ve escaped the toxic gas. When you exit the elevator, you’ll notice a large green container. Walk around it, and you’ll see a corroded, black barrel in the corner. The Antique Coin is on top of it.

To get the second Antique Coin, go through the red metal door from the Central Cavern. Use the elevator at the end of the corridor to go up to Mining Work Area 2F. Follow the tracks until you reach the huge semi truck. Kill the enemies and follow the tracks leading to the right. There are two barrels next to another big door. The Coin is on a large sack in front of the barrels.

Now that you’ve collected the high-grade air filter from your squad member, open the green door from the Central Cavern area and follow the corridor. Open the vault door In the next room, ignore the clown door, and go through the other door. Follow the lights on the corridor floor, ignoring the locked doors on the way. At one point, you’ll come across a bunch of crates, bottles, jugs, and buckets. The third Antique Coin is on a small heap of white, plastic bags.

After you get night-vision goggles and exit the small sewage area, you’ll exit the elevator on the other side of Storage Area 1F. The fourth Antique Coin is in the corner of the corridor, straight in front of you, on a black, metal barrel.

The fifth Antique coin is hidden in the Storage Area 1F area. It’s in a dead end corridor that’s to the right of the locked clown door on the map. You’ll know that you’re on the right way when you notice the wooden crates with yellow tape, the ones you can destroy to get items. In the corner of this corridor, you’ll notice a lidded bucket with a lockpick on it, and a huge sack. The coin is on the sack.

From the Central Cavern area, go through the gray garage door. You’ll find yourself in the Mine Cart Yard. Go to the right as soon as you can, and you’ll find the next Antique Coin on a small bucket behind the item crates.

After you rescue a squad member, he’ll show you a ladder. Lucas will start a countdown. After that happens, before climbing up the ladders, look into the box in the corner on the left. The seventh Antique Coin will be there.

From the red door in he Central Cavern, go up with the elevator and unlock the Clown Door when you get the Clown Key. When you reach a fork, go to the north and around the steamroller. Walk towards the mine cart and look to the right. You’ll find the final, eighth Antique Coin on the tarp.

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