Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 4 Trailer Reveals New Details

Ghost Recon Wildlands has been going strong for a while now. The game is in its second year, and they’ve just released the fourth big update of the season. It includes a new PvE mode, a hefty PvP update and a slew of features requested by the community. There’s also a trailer for it now, explaining what you can expect from the update.

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ghost recon wildlands special operations 4 trailer
Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 4 Trailer Reveals New Details

The new PvE mode is called Guerilla, and as expected, you can either play it with AI teammates or with real people. Basically, it’s a regular horde mode – you defend an area from waves of increasingly difficult enemies. You’ll have to choose weapons and attachments between waves, depending on what kind of challenge you’re up against, and you’ll have to clear all the enemies without them entering the objective area. You’ll get a special currency for defeating enemies, which you can spend between waves on skills, weapons and upgrades.

As for the features that players asked for, they’ve added the option to set the time of day when playing solo. They’ve also made the compass from PvP available in PvE. There’s a bunch of new items both in the store and in the battle crates, and owners of the year 2 pass are getting the Active Duty Pack (a new weapon and some customization options). If you’ve played the game at all during year 2, you can redeem some rewards at the Ubisoft Club.

When it comes to PvP, the Ghost War is getting two new maps and a new class – the sapper. It has a flying drone that uses concussion mines to slow down other players. The most important update here is the addition of the custom match browser, which lets you choose matches based on map, game mode and format, loadout time, round limit and several recon tower parameters.

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