Conan Exiles Developer Enters Deal to Make Dune Games

The universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune is returning to the world of video games, and courtesy of a very unlikely source. As it turns out, the studio behind Conan Exiles, Funcom, has signed up with Legendary Studios to make three titles based on Dune. One of those games is going to be an open-world MMO, and it will enter pre-production some time this year. Let the spice flow, y’all.

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Conan Exiles Developer Enters Deal to Make Dune Games
Conan Exiles Developer Enters Deal to Make Dune Games

I have to admit, I’m very pleasantly surprised with the recent resurgence of interest in Dune. With the highly-hyped Denis Villeneuve movie coming next year, I’m very curious to see which way it’ll go. Of course, video game developers will want to get in on the action, in case the while thing takes off. And, wouldn’t you know it, one of the more unexpected contenders came out to bat – Funcom, of Conan Exiles fame.

According to a recent investor announcement, Funcom is partnering with Legendary Studios to produce “at least three titles on the PC/Console platforms.” One of the titles is going to be an “Open World Multiplayer” game, ant it will “enter into pre-production in Funcom’s Oslo studio during 2019.” And, if you’re concerned about their Conan output, don’t you worry about a thing. The announcement makes it clear as day that there will be more Conan titles from the studio. Choosing genital size may or may not be a part of them, we can’t say for sure.

Now, do I want games set in the Dune universe? Oh, I very much do. The announced MMO aspect kinda makes me sour on the whole concept, but I’ll adjust. But do I want Funcom to build a Dune game? I can’t explain how much I do. I assume that the dong slider will probably be absent this time around, which is a shame, but oh well. Maybe they’ll give you a worm slider instead. Who doesn’t want to swagger around on the largest Shai-Hulud in the neighborhood?

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