Ghost Recon: Wildlands has the biggest launch of the season – and a Dark Souls Easter egg

By having the greatest number of players in an open beta, the new Ghost Recon certainly paved its way to the biggest launch of this year. It beat Horizon Zero Dawn which held the top position last week. Of course, it’s The Division that holds the record for Q1 launch. Hopefully, Wildlands will learn from its mistakes.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta will include a new province
“Where is that bonfire when you really need it?”

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has been creating some waves in the press before its release, so it’s no wonder that it took No.1 at UK’s sales chart. Not only did Horizon: Zero Dawn go down a notch, but the other new releases could not compare. LEGO Worlds enters the charts at 3rd position and NieR Automata at 6th, with Breath of the Wild is still in the top 5. To complete the top 5, there is the game that never really leaves the charts – GTA V.

It would appear that the recent complaints from the Bolivian government did not hurt the sales. For those who are not in the know – Bolivian government complained about the picture of Bolivia painted by Ghost Recon. Ubisoft issued a statement praising Bolivia in return.

Easter eggs are universally beloved by players. Wildlands already has its fair share, which we wrote about. This time, it is the beloved bonfire, because it makes you feel soft, warm and fuzzie inside. It shares this Easter egg with the likes of The Witcher 3, Just Cause 3 and Overwatch. You can find other references in many games, including Skyrim, Destiny, Killzone Shadowfall and others.

To keep players invested in the game, Ubisoft already has two expansions in the works. The first one, Narco Road, contains an infiltration mission. The second one, Fallen Ghosts, is a search-and-rescue mission. It includes a new enemy, weapons and skills.

Ghost Recond: Wildlands has been out since March 7, on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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