Destroy Poison Totems in Garden for the Dead God of War Ragnarok

You have to destroy the poison totems in the God of War Ragnarok Garden for the Dead in order to complete Astrid’s favor in Noatun’s Garden. That’s in the River Delta, in Vanaheim. There are three poison totems in total, and you need to use the red, exploding urns to blow them up. Problem is, these urns are not easy to access. So, we are going to guide you through the process in this guide.

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destroy poison totems in garden for the dead god of war ragnarok
Destroy Poison Totems in Garden for the Dead God of War Ragnarok

Destroy the Poison Totems God of War Ragnarok Garden for the Dead

To destroy the poison totems and complete the God of War Ragnarok Garden for the Dead Favor, you need to locate an exploding urn near each of them and use that to blow the totems up. You know, the usual round, red urns with the flame coming out from the top. Anyways, the first poison totem is directly across from the ghost of Astrid. Throw you axe at the source of the poison, then follow the wall going to the left. When you reach the end, turn to the right, and you’ll spot the urn. Fire off an arrow to explode the totem.

how to  destroy poison totems in god of war ragnarok garden for the dead
First poison totem

The second totem is on the opposite side of the structure behind Astrid’s ghost, so go ahead and freeze the source of the poison first. I don’t know whether that’s actually necessary to destroy them, but let’s be safe. Now, head back around to Astrid’s ghost. Facing her, walk around the structure to the left. You’ll find a hole in the wall through which you can fire an arrow.

god of war how to destroy poison totems garden for the dead
Second poison totem

The third and final of the poison totems to destroy in God of War Ragnarok Garden for the Dead is in the eastern part of the garden. However, you can’t interact with the urn at all from ground level. So, first off, freeze the totem and then go to the corner to the right of it. You’ll see that there’s a scalable wall up there. Destroy the flower up there, then look towards the poison totem. You have a clear shot of the rope holding the urn up. Shoot it to drop the urn and destroy the final urn, then report back to Astrid.

Third poison totem
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