Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest Solution God of War Ragnarok

Nornir Chests in God of War Ragnarok are protected by difficult and complicated puzzles that you need to solve first before you can open them and get the contents within. This is also the case with the Nornir Chest in the Elven Sanctum in Alfheim. To be able to loot this chest, you will first need to find its location, and then figure out how to solve its two-part puzzle. To help you with all of these, we are going to show you where it is and the solution for the Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok right here.

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Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest Solution God of War Ragnarok
Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest Solution God of War Ragnarok

Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest Solution in God of War Ragnarok

This particular Nornir Chest can be found inside the Elven Sanctum in Alfheim. We have its exact location down in our screenshot gallery. When you get there, you will see that the way forward is barred by some rubble. Throw your trusty axe at it to clear it out and enter this Elven Mausoleum. Inside, you will soon come across the Nornir Chest in question. The first thing that you need to do here is to somehow get rid of the magical ropes surrounding it. You have to get rid of all three of these at once, since they regenerate if you don’t do this quickly. There is a Twilight Stone (purple crystal) nearby that is going to help you do exactly that. Aim your axe at it, copying the same angle from our screenshot. If done correctly, you will cut down all of the ropes at the same time.

The next step involves lighting all three Braziers. The first one can be found near the Twilight Stone. It is far off on the other side, where Kratos cannot reach it. But, since there is a campfire here, what you need to do is to fire Sigil arrows and encompass the campfire and Brazier. Then, fire off an arrow at the fire and this will cause the first Brazier to light up. The second Brazier is on the opposite side. It’s pretty much the same thing – only that the campfire here is further away, so you need to chain the Sigils together. Once you have done that, fire an arrow at the campfire like before and the second Brazier is now also lit.

The third Brazier is hidden behind a door directly above the second one. This door opens when you shoot it with an arrow and then quickly closes. What you need to do here is to chain your Sigils from the second lit Brazier to the third Brazier. When you have done this, fire an arrow to open the door and then quickly fire an arrow at the second Brazier. If done correctly, this will cause the third Brazier to also light up. With all three Braziers on fire, you can now go and open up and loot the Elven Sanctum Nornir Chest.

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