How to Use Shattered Rune God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok is absolutely brimming with all sorts of things you can find and pick up. Sometimes these are important upgrades that can make you much more lethal in combat. Other times these are crafting resources you can use to make and empower your gear. And sometimes the things you find are mysterious and they don’t seemingly serve any obvious purpose. Shattered Runes are one such item, and many players are wondering what their use is in the game. We are going to explain not just how to use Shattered Runes in God of War Ragnarok, but also where you can find them.

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How to Use Shattered Rune God of War Ragnarok
How to Use Shattered Rune God of War Ragnarok

Where to Find Shattered Rune in God of War Ragnarok

When it comes to finding Shattered Runes in GoW Ragnarok, there is no one specific place where you need to look for them. They are a random drop, and as such – they can be found in just about any location in the game. So, just keep playing as you normally would – slaying enemies, checking containers, and picking up any loot you see, and you will have invariably picked up enough of these during the course of a usual playthrough.

How to Use Shattered Rune in God of War Ragnarok

Now, the in-game description for this resource seems to indicate that it has some other, more powerful, and mysterious use. It reads: “Shards that course with Runic energy, once capable of moving the land itself.” So, do Shattered Runes have some specific and important use in the game? Sadly, no, they don’t, really. All they can be used for is to sell them for Hacksilver. To do this, go into the Sell menu, and you will find Shattered Runes there under resources. But since Hacksilver is so important in the game, Shattered Runes are far from useless in GoW Ragnarok.

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