Alfheim God of War Puzzle - Nornir Rune Chest solution

In God of War Alfehim region I came across a Rune chest puzzle, or Nornir chest as the game calls it, that really had me searching for those runes to destroy. It is located inside Ringed Temple Trench area of Alfeheim that you access as soon as you part the water. Once at the bottom of the trench, and after you first meet the Dark Elf commander, you will come across this rune chest. You have to find and destroy three runes to get an Idunn apple. I found one of the runes quickly, but other three evaded me. I had to come back later in the level when I restored the light and it was dark in this area. This helped me see the other two runes easier. To help you find a solution to this Alfheim puzzle I wrote this guide.

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Alfheim God of War Puzzle Nornir Rune Chest solution

Alfheim Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution

Across from the rune chest is a wheel you can use. Use it until you lower yourself all the way down. Once you do, you will see a cog you can freeze with your axe. Turn away from the wheel you were using (face south) and you should see the rune standing on a little ledge there. You can also climb the ledge and unfreeze the cog to get to the chest above. It contains a piece of Wrist armor.

alfheim nornir chest puzzle solution rune 1 location

The second and third rune I found while it was dark, but you can destroy them at this point as well. Go back to the wheel and start lowering the platform again. This time, though, don’t lower the platform all the way. Just lower the middle platform, while the one you’re standing on stays up. Freeze the cog and you should see the rune left of it. You can destroy it with a ranged throw. Let go of the wheel and then jump down on to the middle platform that you lowered. Turn around and you should see the third rune. Recall your axe and collect your well deserved reward.

There is one more Idunn apple chest in Alfheim as well as two War Horn of Blood Mead Nornir chests. They were not as hard to solve since they all just involved hitting the bells. There was nothing really hidden about them. If you are having trouble solving these other God of War Alfheim puzzles take a look at our guides to all Idunn apple chest locations and Horn of Blood Mead puzzle solutions

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