God of War Last Place They'd Look Treasure Map

Last Place They’d Look is one of the many treasure maps in God of War. All you have to go on here will be a few short sentences and a picture of a funny looking mountain. If seeing the scroll for the first time doesn’t immediately reveal to you where you should look, you’ll probably need some help. That’s where we come in – our God of War Last Place They’d Look treasure map location guide will show you where to find the scroll and how to solve the riddle, so you can get to the dig spot.

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god of war the last place they'd look treasure map
God of War Last Place They’d Look Treasure Map

How to get Last Place They’d Look scroll?

The scroll can be found in the caverns of the Mountain. You’ll pass by it on your way to the Summit. After you get off the big elevator, you’ll see a path leading past the red crystals on the cliff. Follow it, then enter the tunnel at the end of it. The scroll is on the ground in the tunnel.

Last Place They’d Look treasure riddle

Description: The Valkyries will hunt me until my last breath. If they seek what is mine, I shall hide it right under their noses.

The hint doesn’t seem too useful at first – there are nine Valkyries in the game, and they’re all in different locations. However, there’s a location called the Council of Valkyries – that’s where you should head. It’s accessible as soon as the water level in the Lake of Nine drops. Go to the Mason’s Chanel dock, and climb into the cave up in the cliff. Follow the path to the large wooden door, open it and cross the bridge. When you get there, go to the chair next to the highest stone pillar. The dig spot is to the left of it, and if you look up, you’ll clearly see the face in the cliff side.

We got really lucky here, so we got a piece of unstable ore, a legendary enchantment called the Eye of Runic Supremacy, a handful of hardened svartalfheim steel and a whole lot of hacksilver.


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