God of War Boat Captain's Key Treasure Map Location & Solution

Boat Captain’s Key is one of the treasure maps in God of War. It’s a short scavenger hunt that begins when you find the scroll with the clues, and ends when you’ve collected the treasures it points you toward. The drawing and the passage of text you’ll get as clues might be confusing, or simply not enough to go on. If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve prepared a God of War Boat Captain’s Key treasure map guide.

god of war boat captain's key treasure map
God of War Boat Captain’s Key Treasure Map Location & Solution

How to get Boat Captain’s Key map?

You can find the scroll with the hints at the Stone Falls boat dock, on the northeastern shore of the Lake of Nine. When you first moor your dingy there, you’ll notice a rock in the middle of the plateau. The parchment will be to the right of it, on the ground.

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Boat Captain’s Key treasure map riddle solution

Description: With the Boat Captain in the belly of the Hydra, the key was mine! I travelled to a new land, but my ship wredcked and sunk along with my precious key. It lies just below the eyes of the waves, perched on an underwater peak.

You’ll find the treasure on the Isle of Death, a modest rock protruding from the lake’s surface in the southwest. Once you disembark, you’ll have to scale a cliff using a crack in the rock as footing. When you reach the top, you’ll see part of a shipwreck there. Approach it, and look inside. You should see a small dirt mound in front of you.

When you loot it, you’ll get a piece of the powerful Leiptr alloy, thirty pieces of Aegir’s gold, a rare rune enchantment (ours was a Polished Crest of Defiance), as well as a a whole bunch of hacksilver (6000 is the base, but luck increases the amount).

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