God of War Hunter's Kingdom Treasure Map Location & Riddle Solution

Hunter’s Kingdom is a treasure map in God of War. It’s a scroll you’ll find during your travels, which contains a riddle and a drawing. Both of those will point you towards a certain location, where you can find great riches. The riddle is a bit cryptic, and the picture doesn’t reveal much, either, so it’s easy to get stuck here. This guide is going to show you God of War Hunter’s Kingdom treasure map locations & riddle solution.

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god of war hunter's kingdom treasure map
God of War Hunter’s Kingdom Treasure Map Location & Riddle Solution

Where to find Hunter’s Kingdom treasure map?

You’ll find the scroll at the Lookout Tower dock, on the souther shore of the Lake of Nine. After you defeat the enemies waiting for you there, your son will notice the parchment on the ground.

Hunter’s Kingdom treasure map solution

Description: Motsognir, ruler of man and beast. I came to his kingdom to learn if he had obtained the ingredients to forge the Armour of Legend. All I found was death and sorrow. I leave this offering in memory of those who suffered in the Dwarf King’s quest for glory.

The treasure is in the south of Veithurgard, near the giant door locked with runes. There are statues on each side of the door – the treasure is next to the left one, which is missing its head. It’s the area where you go when following the quest to free the dragon Otr. In order to get into the area, you’ll have to take the Hammer Fall side quest from the Disciple of Thor. You can find him at the Stone Falls docks.

Once we raided the stash, we got a sigil of the axe (it’s a random rare enchantment), a piece of leiptr alloy, five pieces of solid svartalfheim steel and six thousand hacksilver.


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