God of War Chilling Mists of Niflheim - How to Get Last Frozen Flame

Chilling Mists of Niflheim is a rare item in God of War. It can be used to buy the last Frozen Flame from Sindri and Brok, which is necessary if you want to upgrade the Leviathan Axe all the way through. When you do, you’ll get the Worthy trophy. We know of only one way to obtain this item, and we suspect a lot of players are going to have trouble getting it. That’s why we’ve written this God of War Chilling Mists of Niflheim guide, to help you max out your axe.

god of war chilling mists of niflheim
God of War Chilling Mists of Niflheim – How to Get Last Frozen Flame

Where to find Chilling Mists of Niflheim?

You’ve probably guessed it already, but the item can be obtained in Niflheim, the realm of fog. When you arrive there for the first time, Sindri will explain the situation and give you a task. The whole area is overrun by cursed mist, and you’ll have to complete a bunch of challenges in order to remove it and access Ivaldi’s workshop. While you’re completing those challenges, you’ll earn Mist Echoes, a currency unique to the area.

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The echoes are used to open golden chests hidden around the workshop. We got the Chilling Mists of Niflheim from the last golden chest we opened, which lead us to believe you’ll actually have to open them all. A lot of people are saying the one that costs 5000 will drop it, so try that one first. In order to earn enough echoes to do this, you’ll have to clear out the map of all activities – which includes quests Sindri will give you, defeating a Valkyrie and closing realm tears.

The challenges you’ll face here are different from the ones in Muspelheim. One of them, for example, requires you to deal with some enemies without getting hit. You’ll also have to keep your eyes on the timer at the top of the screen, because staying in the cursed mist for too long will kill you.

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  1. D
    Danny Peters

    You can get it from the 5000 chest.

    1. D
      Dude, my guy

      Sir Danny Peters, thank you so much for making my life in this game this much easier.

    2. D
      Darnell Wilson

      This is literally all I came here for ??‍♂️. Thank you friend.

      1. G
        Gordon Burwood

        Thank you, great info, saved me ages

  2. T
    The Truth

    Don’t bother updating the blog post with correct info or anything… you need to open the chest that costs 5000.

    1. R
      Rusev Day

      Incorrect, there are many people who have opened all the chests and it’s not there!

    2. U
      Unknown H

      Thank you dude… Shit… I joined 20k but i was thinking wich safe you’d actually gimme the chilling mists.
      Thanks again for the info

    3. U
      Unknown H

      Ahh… What he said its true dude, i got the chilling mists on that chest. Thanks again “The Truth”

  3. J

    I have the chilling mist of niflheim. My problem is when i take it back to Sindir’s workshop, i dont see the flame for purchase. Any thoughts?

    1. K
      Kevin Lopez

      Have you passed the the main story? After that is when they are available for purchase.

  4. S
    Sean Martz

    This is not true. I’ve seen this on countless websites too. I have not gone to Jotenheim yet, but have both final upgrades. I think they came up once I re-united the brothers, but can’t say for sure. I know the option has been there for a while for me. A little counter-intutive tho. It’s under buy>resources and you trade for the upgrade item. I found this one in the 5k chest as many others have stated. Remember, you can break down the Nelf steel for 500 echoes each if you don’t need anymore.

    1. D
      Drew Christopher

      No. the Frozen Flame/Chaos Flame will appear in the resources tab of the shop for buying them Once you actually get the last upgrade for the weapon prior to it. (i.e. Level 4 Blades of Chaos/Level 5 Leviathan Axe)

    2. W

      Dude thank you because the unbelievably simple reason of it being under buy resources tab is why I couldn’t figure it out. *heavy facepalm*

  5. C

    I’ve done all the chests and realm tears in Niflheim and did not receive the chilling mists. Anyone else have this issue or know where I can get a chilling mist elsewhere?

    1. S

      Try looking under the lost items tab in the shop.

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