God of War Island of Light Treasure Map Location & Solution

Island of Light is one of the plethora of treasure maps found in God of War. It works the same way as all the others – you’ll first find a glowing scroll with a riddle and a charcoal drawing. They’re both supposed to be clues, hints that will help you deduce the location of a bunch of loot. In practice, the riddles can be hard to crack, while the drawings are often blurry and messy. That’s why we’ve decided to help you by writing a God of War Island of Light treasure map guide.

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god of war island of light treasure map
God of War Island of Light Treasure Map Location & Solution

Where to find Island of Light treasure map scroll?

The scroll can be obtained by visiting a dock in the north part of the Lake of Nine, west of the bridge. You’ll recognize the beach in question by the blue statue. Go left as you disembark your boat, and you’ll see the scroll by the rocks.

Island of Light treasure map riddle solution

Description: While we hail from Aflheim, the Light Elves make sure to watch over Midgard. I’ve spent most of my life here at this outpost and I will likely die here.

Apart from pointing you in the right general direction, the clue is pretty useless. You should go to the Light Elf Outpost, which is on an island northwest of where you found the scroll. The image shows a waterfall in the distance, which means the treasure is in the outer ring. Slowly work your way out from the atrium you get into from the dock, and follow the paths on the outer side of the cliff. At some point, you’ll pass some wooden scaffolding. Behind it, you’ll find a crack that lets you climb up to the top floor. Pass by it and use the chain to descend. As soon as you do, turn towards the water in the west and you’ll spot the mound.