God of War Creation Island Treasure Map Location & Puzzle Solution

Creation Island is one of the many treasure maps you can find in God of War. It’s an enigmatic scroll that contains an illustration and a few lines of text. Both are supposed to serve as clues that will lead you towards a buried treasure. Sometimes the text is too cryptic, or the image too messy, which makes it hard to figure out the location of the prize. This guide will help you find the reward by showing you the God of War Creation island treasure map location and riddle solution.

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god of war creation island treasure map
God of War Creation Island Treasure Map Solution & Location

How to get Creation Island treasure map?

You can find the scroll with the hints at the Lake of Nine. Moor at the Iron Cove boat dock, in the southwest of the lake. That’s the one with the fire ancient on the shore. The parchment will be on the ground next to some wooden crates.

Creation Island treasure map riddle solution

Description: Why waste a life worshipping those who were created by another? I honour Buri, first among gods and he from whom the Aesir sprang. I’ve left him tribute on the island that honours him.

The treasure is on the same island as Buri’s Storeroom, in the Lake of Nine, a bit southwest from Stone Falls. When you’re there, dock in front of the Storeroom’s entrance. Climb the stairs on the left, and use the crank to move the giant wheel in the water. Go back to the boat, go around the wheel and dock on the other side of the island. The mound is near the docking spot, but you’ll have to deal with some enemies first.

Our reward consisted of some Aegir’s gold, several World Serpent scale fragments, a bunch of hacksilver and the Eternal Frost enchantment. Nothing too fancy, but still, worth the effort.


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