God of War High Council Quest - Where to Bring Valkyrie Helmets

High Council is a favour in God of War. For us, this quest appearad when we killed the second Valkyrie. It will ask you to bring the helmets of eight Valkyries to the High Council, a secret location where these warrior women used to convene. Whether due to a bug or by design, the didn’t place a marker there for us, nor did it tell us where to look. Since we had a hard time finding it, we presume others will too, so we’ve decided to write the God of War High Council quest guide, to show you where to bring Valkyrie helmets.

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god of war high council quest valkyrie helmets
God of War High Council Quest – Where to Bring Valkyrie Helmets

Vaklyrie High Council Location

The high council isn’t especially well hidden, but it is kind of a secret location. The main story won’t take you there, and you can miss it entirely if you don’t explore every nook and cranny. It’s pretty easy to reach. All you have to do is wait for the water in the Lake of Nine to recede, then travel to the Mason’s Chanel dock. It’s in the north, on the west side of the giant rowboats. When you get out of the boat, go into the cave in the cliff. You’ll have to climb, shimmy and climb some more before you’ve reached the top. You’ll see a massive wooden door there, leading onto a stone bridge. Once you cross it, you’ll be at the council. Place the helmets onto the chairs – there’s one in front of every stone pillar.

When you put them all in place, the Valkyrie Queen will appear. She is the hardest boss we’ve faced, so better be prepared – and I do mean prepared. You’ll want the best armor, fully upgraded weapons, the best combinations of talismans and runic attacks.