God of War Hidden Chambers & Valkyrie Locations

Hidden Chambers are a part of the Labours in God of War. To complete this specific labour, players need to find and enter seven hidden chambers. These Hidden Chambers in God of War are scattered around the maps, and usually hides a Valkyrie boss, and some decent loot, several Crows, and more. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all Hidden Chambers in God of War.

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God of War Hidden Chambers Valkyrie Locations
God of War Hidden Chambers & Valkyrie Locations

If you’re having trouble entering them, which you probably will at some point, be sure to check out our how to open hidden chambers guide. Before you start fighting Valkyries take a look at our guide – How to prepare for Valkyrie fights with some great tips and tricks.

Where to find All God of War Hidden Chamber Locations?

Realm: Midgard
Location: Wildwoods
Mystic Gateway: Home / Hidden Chamber
Loot: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Realm Tears Event, Pure Essence of Realms, Dust of Realms, Legendary Enchantment (Heart of Svartalfheim), A Thief’s Testimony Lore Scroll.

The first Hidden Chamber is rather close to Kratos’s house. Although it is the one you get to discover at the start, in my case, it was the last one I’ve opened. Leave the house and go behind it. There are ladders with the path you should follow. As you go through the gates, jump down to the new area. Look to your left, and there’s the Hidden Chamber.

God of War 2018 Hidden Chamber Near Home

Realm: Midgard
Location: Foothills
Mystic Gateway: Lookout Tower / Hidden Chamber of Odin
Loot: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven, Valkyrie Geirdriful and all that comes with it.

As you are on the mission The Journey, you’ll get an objective to continue towards the mountain. This is the first time you meet a charismatic character name Sindri. He has a blacksmith shop, placed near the circular stone plateau. This is the spot where you can take an elevator to near the top of the mountain later on in the story. To leave this area and head toward the eastern part of the zone, you’ll need to navigate through the poison fields. Just before the last poison totem, you need to hurl your Axe and continue right toward the long climb on the mountain edge. If you turn left here instead of right where the story takes you, you’ll find a path that leads toward the Hidden Chamber number 2. This entrance has two fire braziers above, and a sign that clearly states there is something in this direction.

Realm: Alfheim
Location: Light Elf Shore
Mystic Gateway: Hidden Chamber of Odin
Loot: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven, Valkyrie Olrun and all that comes with it.

Once you get into the Alfheim realm during the story, row your boat toward the west shore of the great lake. As you get on the beach, continue forward, and you’ll notice two cave entrances. Get into the left one. After a couple of steps, you’ll spot the third Hidden Chamber.

Realm: Midgard
Location: The Mountain
Mystic Gateway: The Summit / Hidden Chamber of Odin
Loot: Mythic Gateway, Chests, Valkyrie Eir and all that comes with it.

Finally, we are inside the bottom of the mountain in southwestern Midgard. This is where a big crane was supposed to bring Kratos and Atreus to the top of the mountain. In the very same room, if you follow the path right from the big entrance door, you’ll come across with the Hidden Chamber entrance. It is not at the end of any hallway, thus easier to spot than the rest.

Realm: Midgard
Location: Witch’s Cave
Mystic Gateway: Witch’s Cave Upper/ Lower Level
Loot: Mystic Gateway, Chests, Odin’s Raven, Valkyrie Kara and all that comes with it.

Later on in the game, you’ll get access to the Witch’s Cave for the second time. At this point, Atreus already has the necessary upgrades needed to create light bridges. This is necessary because, once you find yourself at the start of the wooden path that leads into the Witch’s main house, you need to turn right here, down the path. The first obstacle requires you to create a light bridge, using Atreus’s newly learned arrow ability. Follow this path, pass the runic chest, the climbable wooden path, and into the hidden room. As soon as you bring down the red crystal that hides the entrance, you can spot the Hidden Chamber number five. Look around the room to find the two chests, the treasure map called “The Turtle’s Tribute”, and more.

Realm: Midgard
Location: Thamur’s Corpse
Mystic Gateway: Mason Finale
Loot: Shrine Door, Mystic Gateway, Chests, Valkyrie Gunnr and all that comes with it.

When the story allows you to reach the northern part of Midgard, where the snow is, you can reach the next Hidden Chamber. As you get off the boat and onto the Northern Dock, you can see our goal just several steps away. From the dock, continue toward the other part of the plateau, toward the giant’s fingers and look on your left. This is the sixth Hidden Chamber, and probably the first one you can get into.

Realm: Helheim
Mystic Gateway: Hidden Chamber of Odin
Loot: Odin’s Raven, Mystic Gateway, Chests, Valkyrie Rota and all that comes with it.

To reveal this Hidden Chamber, you have to return here with Atreus on your side. He is needed, because once you climb on the last bridge, Atreus needs to shoot down the red crystal on the western side to reveal a hidden entrance. This entrance leads to the last Hidden Chamber, where you can complete the first portion of its labour.

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