God of War Estimated Playtime Revealed to be Around 30 Hours

During PlayStation Experience 2017, we got the first estimates of how long it’ll take to beat the new God of War. The estimate was based on current playtesting data, and it clocks in at about 25 to 35 hours. This might mean we’ll get more exploration in God of War than we did in previous installments.

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God of War Estimated Playtime Revealed to be Around 30 Hours
God of War Estimated Playtime Revealed to be Around 30 Hours

The new God of War seems to be a bit of a different beast than the previous installments. For one, there’s the fact that Kratos’s son is by his side. The camera is drastically different. Even the combat seems a bit different than usual. Now, we also found out more about the expected length of the game during this year’s PlayStation Experience. According to creative director Cory Barlog (via USGamer): “Over the last four or five playtests, we’ve been clocking the total gameplay time is somewhere in the arena of 25 to 35 hours.”

That’s over twice as long as the previous installments, which took about ten hours each to beat. Another interesting thing to note is that it seems the new God of War will be much more narrative-oriented. The games that came before had a story, of course, but the combat was always front and center. If the narrative takes over the wheel, that’ll be yet another huge change.

Now, what will take up all of this time remains to be seen. Based on what Barlog’s words, though, it seems that there’ll be an open world and a lot of side content to explore. He likened the game to a tour bus. You can step off the ride and take your time exploring, with the main plot always waiting for you. We’ll have to wait for next year and see. If the leak from a few days ago was correct, the wait will end on March 22nd.

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