Zelda Botw Champion Daruk's Song - How to solve

Champion Daruk’s Song is one of the four new quests in Zelda Breath of The Wild. This quest is part of the Champions’ Ballad DLC, and you can start it on a high cliff near the Golow River in the Eldin Region. After you talk with Kass, he’ll give you three hints that will help you complete this challenge and discover new shrines. The words in his song that will guide you and help you find hidden shrines are: stop a titan of molten stone, follow rings of light alone and survive lava’s fiery fate. It’s very hard to recognize these locations from the small drawings on the monument. You’ll probably get stuck, thus, we decided to write this guide and help you solve Zelda Botw Champion Daruk’s Song.

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Stop a titan of molten stone

The nearest shrine that you can teleport to is Shora Hah. In this lava area you’ll face a giant monster – the Igneo Talus Titan. In order to defeat this molten stone monster you’ll need the Firebreaker set, the one that is flame resistant. You can increase the set’s level by visiting a Fairy. The best way to defeat him is to glide onto his head and hit the ore vein at the top. Every time you are about to fall start gliding – the updraft will keep you away from the lava. If you don’t have the Firebraker set, you will have to use ice arrows to cool his body down. Once you defeat the titan, you will discover the entrance to the Kamia Omuna Shrine.

Kamia Omuna Shrine

The trial is all about shooting moving targets. You’ll have to use the supplied ancient cannons and your remote bombs – throw the bomb into the funnel, then hit the crystal to start moving the cannon. Once you think the time is right, detonate the bomb and launch the ball.

The first target doesn’t move, so you just need to align the cannon. The second alternates between three positions – aim for the one in the middle. The third and fourth require you to use the motion controller to set a moving block in the correct position – the third one is on the block, while the fourth is blocked by it. When you’re done, you’ll get the first Rudania’s Emblem.

Follow rings of light alone

The second trial tells you to “follow rings of light alone”. Teleport to Divine Beast Vah Rudania, and look for a blue glowing circle. After you pass the first ring in the air, you’ll have to climb up the mountain and go through the second and third rings at the top of the mountain. The fourth one is between the mountain peaks, and the fifth one is to the right. Just follow the lava river and you’ll see sixth, seventh and eighth circles. I have to admit, it was very hard to glide through these circles. Once you go through the last one, the Sharo Lun shrine will appear.

Sharo Lun Shrine

The challenge lies in discovering and taking advantage of blind spots. You’ll have to hang onto the moving blocks to avoid hazards. The first section is flames – simply grab the side that’s out of their reach. The second has spikes and sentries – you’ll have to shoot the sentries, or else they’ll knock you off the block. The final section requires you to make ice blocks from the water running down the walls – first to avoid the wall of fire, then to climb up to the priest’s room.

Survive lava’s fiery fate

This challenge starts near Darb Pond. Travel to Kayra Mah Shrine, and then head east. This challenge is pretty easy. You’ll see a circle in the lava lake. You have to jump into the circle, but before you do that, place a block in the center of the circle. Once you complete this task, the Rinu Honika shrine will appear.

Rinu Honika Shrine

This one is pretty straightforward – you have to block the blaze and avoid getting hit by the flames. Even if you’re fireproof, they’ll knock you off the platform and into the lava. You’ll avoid them by crouching, destroying the blocks the nozzles are on, or simply moving them with magnesis. The final part involves setting up a blockade using motion controls – the easiest way around it is to make a ramp, run up and glide to the last platform.

How to defeat Fireblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm

Once you’ve got all three emblems, go to the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. You’ll be teleported into the Illusory Realm, where you’ll have to fight Fireblight Ganon with the equipment provided to you.

Run up to him while dodging his attacks, and use the Boulder Breaker as much as possible. The spinning attack is a great tool against him, and should get him down to 60% health in no time. This is when he’ll enter the second phase. When he summons a fire shield and starts sucking things in, throw a remote bomb at him. Detonate it when it reaches him, and he’ll fall to the ground. Use stasis to keep him there, and finish him off with the Boulder Breaker.