God of War Finder's Fee Treasure Map Location

Finder’s Fee is one of the treasure maps in God of War. To find the dig spot, you’ll have to decypher a clue written on a scroll. You’ll also have a drawing to guide you. Sadly, neither of them will be of much help if you haven’t visited the general area already. If that’s the case, keep on reading our God of War Finder’s Fee treasure map location guide, and all will be revealed.

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god of war finder's fee treasure map location
God of War Finder’s Fee Treasure Map Location

Where to find Finder’s Fee treasure map?

You’ll find the scroll in the Forgotten Caverns, in the northern part of the Lake of Nine. As soon as you’ve found the Mystic Gateway, turn left into a dead-end tunnel. You’ll see a chest at the end, and the map on the ground in front of it.

Finder’s Fee treasure map puzzle solution

Description: I’ve been working for Hraezla Farmadr a long time, but the pay is always short. With the camp split between Vandrid and his old man, no one will notice me stashing a bit of the earnings on the side. My secret perch is the perfect hiding spot.

The treasure is hidden deep within the Northri Stronghold, in the far northern reaches of Midgard. You can enter it through the tunnels at Ruins of The Ancient dock, on the north side of the Lake of Nine. Use the boat to get to the dock at the large stone pillar with the banners. Walk up to the ledge that leads to the water wheel, then turn right. You’ll see some ropes and planks on the side of the tower – use them to climb up. The dig spot will be in one of the corners in the hiding spot at the top.

We got an unyielding cinder from it, as well as the etched crest of cunning, a handful of world serpent scales and a bunch of hacksilver.