God of War Smouldering Embers & Greater Crest of Flame Locations

Smouldering embers, crest of flame and greater crest of flame are crafting ingredients in God of War. They are used to purchase and upgrade certain weapons and armor at the Dwarves’ shop. If you’re into the kind of stuff they enhance – which is mostly fire-based – you’ll need quite a few of them. We’re going to try to save you some time by showing you where to find smouldering embers, crest of flame & greater crest of flame in God of War.

god of war smouldering ember greater crest of flame
God of War Smouldering Embers & Greater Crest of Flame Locations

How to get greater crest of flame & smouldering embers

All three of these are readily available in Muspelheim, the realm of fire. You may have surmised as much yourself, from the names alone. You’ll get them by completing challenges and looting the golden chests in the area. The embers are the most common – you’ll get these scorching pieces of Surtr’s eternal flame after every completed challenge.

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The crests are a “rare resource mined from the volcanic fires of the Eldthursar mountains of southern Muspelheim”. Luckily, you won’t need to grab a pick and break your back in a mine shaft. You’ll just need to kill some fiery demons of hell.

The greater crest is the rarest of them all, and it hails from the “hottest flames of the Scorching Seas of Muspelheim”. You’ll have to take their word for it, as you’ll find it in chests and corpse piles, not said sea. Your best bet would be clear out the entire realm, complete all the challenges and defeat the Valkyrie boss that’s hiding out there. This way, you’ll collect all the materials required to enhance your flaming gear. Keep in mind, you’ll have to collect the four pieces of the Muspelheim Cipher before you can enter the realm and begin this adventure. There’s another rare item you’ll need from there, and you can read about it in our Raging Inferno of Muspelheim guide.

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  1. J

    I have beaten all there is to beat in muspelheim but i still need 4 greater crest of flame in order to upgrade the gauntlets of the valkyrie, i started from the beggining trial 1 trial 2 etc. Even putting the 3 keys in the last gate and the two chests only gave me smoldering. I dont understand please help.

    1. J
      Jeremy Barnett

      Once you have defeated all the trials, and the Valkyrie at the end, you can go back through and play another round of the trials. I believe they get harder. Anyways, eventually you will get more Greater Crest of Flame. I am in search of a few now to upgrade my Ivaldi armor set.

      1. D

        When repeating the trials 1-5 always stay the same. They don’t get harder.
        Only the final fight each round does change.
        There are 3 different settings for the final fight.
        First is to defeat 50 enemies in a certain time. This is by far the easiest imho.
        Second is another annoying “no damage taken” round (just like trial 2 but harder) and the 3rd and last is to defeat all enemies in under 8 minutes (for gold). My best is ~9 minutes so far and I have no idea how or where to improve. Maybe with the valkyrie armor that allows to spam one runic attack after the other.
        After this the circle starts again with “defeat 50 enemies” and you can the start trying to beat you last record.

        1. J

          You can use Talisman of unbound potential to easily refresh runic attacks ang spam them. 🙂

  2. K
    Kevin Panaro

    I need help. I did a Muspelheim challenge and got a Greater Crest of Flame. However, when I went back to the shop, I still had as many as I had before. I freaking out someone reply please!

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      It could be a bug. Do the challenge again and see if you get it this time.

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