Pristine Ore, Dust, Scales of the Realm God of War Locations

Pristine Ore, Dust and Scales of the Realm are resource items in God of War. They are needed to upgrade a powerful armor to its full potential. Pristine Ore is used for the chest piece, Dust for the waist, and Scales for wrist armour. They are located in legendary chests, and when you pick them up, you’ll get a bundle of eleven pieces. In this guide, we’ll show you God of War Pristine Dust, Ore, Scales of The Realm Locations

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Pristine Ore Dust and Scales of the Realm God of War Location
Pristine Ore, Dust and Scales of the Realm God of War Location

Pristine Dust of the Realm Location

Location: Stone Falls
The Closest Mystic Gateway: Stone Falls
Prerequisite: Atreus’s Shock Arrows
Description: Mystic dust that pulses with mysterious forces. Used to upgrade powerful armour. Found only at Stone Falls.

Stone Falls is northeast from the central part of the Lake of Nine, and Tyr’s Temple. The dust is inside a legendary chest there. In order to reach it, you’ll need shock arrows. They can make the red crystals explode, revealing new pathways, removing roots and more.

Once Atreus has the arrows, get to Stone Falls. As you step on the beach and look to the right, you’ll spot the legendary chest covered in red vines. Go forward from the beach and climb the small plateau. Follow the path until you climb to a higher plateau using a chain. Look to your left and you’ll see a wooden bridge. Go across it and jump through the waterfall on the other side. Keep to your left here as well. There is a small drop shortly after. You’ll end up on a platform above the Pristine Dust legendary chest. Make Atreus shoot the vines blocking the giant wheel, climb down the nearby chain and you’ll end up in the starting area. Now get close to the legendary chest, and wait for the water wheel crystal to end up above the target. Shoot it, and you’ll remove the vines, allowing you to loot Pristine Dust of the Realm from the chest.

Pristine Ore of the Realm – Where to find it?

Location: Iron Cove
The Closest Mystic Gateway: Niflheim Realm Tower
Prerequisite: Lake of the Nine water level needs to drop twice.
Description: A flawless stone containing a mixture of rare metals. Used to upgrade powerful armour. Found only in the Iron Cove.

When the water in the Lake of Nine has receded twice, head to the Isle of Death, in the southwestern part of the lake. Once on the beach, continue forward and turn left after the first rock. This is where you’ll find a wall you can climb. Go up and continue by jumping toward the other plateau in the distance. You’ll find another rock to climb. On the next plateau, continue to the left, and up a rock once again. On the final plateau, the one with the broken ship, continue forward to find a zip line in the distance. Use it to reach Iron Cove.

God of War How To Reach Iron Cove
From Isle of Death Go to Iron Cove.

You’ll need to open the runic doors in Iron Cove. If you’ve opened up the path toward the eastern beach, you’ll find this door as you continue following the left side, up over the small wall. You’ll need to find and place three marks on the nearby rune signs. The first one is near the plateau with the Runic Doors. To find the second one, go down this plateau and left. You’ll see it in the distance while standing near the wooden fence. The final runic post is near the broken ship at Iron Cove. You have to climb to the prowl and look toward the water and – you’ll see the red pots. Shoot them with your axe, so they can explode and release the final runic post from the metal. Change the runic signs on the post according to the ones above the doors. It will allow you to open the door, and loot the contents of the legendary chest, giving you Pristine Ore of the Realm.

Pristine Scales of the Realm

Location: Light Elf Outpost
The Closest Mystic Gateway: Svartalfheim Tower
Prerequisite: Atreus’s Light Arrow, Lake of the Nine water level needs to drop two times.
Description: Scales from the Word Serpent, infused with the Light of Alfheim. Used to upgrade powerful armour. Found only at the Light Elf Outpost.

The Light Elf Outpost is on the northwestern side of the Lake of the Nine. The goal here is to reach the top of the island. Use the blue crystals to create pathways. The final step will require you to open the gate leading to the top. You can do it by shooting the blue crystal above it, on the other side. You’ll then be able to enter, and loot the legendary chest, holding the Pristine Scales of the Realm.

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