Dragon Tear God of War Locations - Shattered Gauntlet of Ages Upgrade

Dragon Tears are a valuable, rare resource in God of War. You can use them to upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages talisman in God of War. There’s a total of five God of War Dragon Tears, and you get them all by interacting with the various dragons in the game. One you’ll get just as a part of the story, but others can be much more difficult to find. So, here’s our guide on how to get all five Dragon Tears in God of War.

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Dragon Tear God of War Locations - Shattered Gauntlet of Ages Upgrade
Dragon Tear God of War Locations – Shattered Gauntlet of Ages Upgrade

Where to Find Dragon Tear for Shattered Gauntlet of Ages in God of War?

There are multiple ways to obtain the Dragon Tear resource in God of War, and they all involve dragons in one way or another. The first one you’re likely to come across, especially if you only play through the story initially, is after defeating the dragon boss Hraezlyr. Sindri will ask you to get him one of Hraezlyr’s teeth. When you chop out a tooth, you’ll also get a Dragon Tear. A bit later, Sindri will help you get Shock Arrows.

We got the next three Dragon Tears in God of War by completing the Dangerous Skies labor. You can find the detailed instructions on how to complete it in our God of War Dragon Locations – Dangerous Skies Trophy guide. Long story short, there are three imprisoned dragons that you can free; one is in Veithurgard, one near Alfheim Tower in the Lake of Nine, and one in Konunsgard. You have to destroy three shrines with a single rune on them to free each dragon. Every time we freed one, we got a Dragon Tear.

The fifth and final Dragon Tear in God of War becomes accessible after you come far enough in the story. Some spoilers from here on out. As Kratos and Atreus open the gate to Jotunheim at the summit of the mountain, Baldur will swoop in to mess everything up. He’ll kidnap Atreus and attempt to ride away on a dragon. You’ll then have to play through a lengthy sequence, after which you’ll end up in Helheim.

When you make your way back to Midgard, you can then row back to the Forgotten Caverns boat dock in the Lake of Nine. Go inside the cavern and climb up the cliff’s edge. Keep going, hop over the gap, and climb the small ledge. Turn left, and climb the cliff. When you reach the top, you’ll see the corpse of Baldur’s dragon. Approach it and interact with the small mound of dirt under its head to obtain the final God of War Dragon Tear.

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