God of War Rune Gate Puzzle After Killing Magni Boss - How to Solve

The Rune Gate in Thamur’s Corpse is one of many rune puzzles in God of War. You can reach it after completing the boss fight with Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons and obtaining the Magic Chisel. This Rune Gate puzzle can be frustrating, because the runes are very well-hidden. So, to help you out, here’s how to open Thamur’s Corpse Rune Gate in God of War.

God of War Rune Gate Puzzle After Killing Magni Boss - How to Solve
God of War Rune Gate Puzzle After Killing Magni Boss – How to Solve

How to Solve Thamur’s Corpse Rune Gate Puzzle in Behind the Lock Journey Main Quest?

To solve the Rune Gate puzzle you encounter after killing Magni, in the Behind the Lock main quest, you have to destroy three runes. You should already be familiar with this system by now. The gate in question is the one with the dead troll behind it. All three runes are hidden in the area around the gate itself, so you don’t have to go looking too far. That being said, the runes are not in the most obvious of places, so let’s see where to find them.

To find the first rune, start off facing the rune gate. Turn around to your left and look way up. The rune is hiding on a shelf far above. Next, climb up on the gigantic rivets / studs, and drop down to the platform below, right above the gate. Look across and to the left, at the ornate eye-mask-looking thing, and you’ll spot the second rune. For the last one, drop down to the platform on the right (look to the right and you’ll find a frozen corpse behind some iron bars). Look to your left and above, to the top of the stack of snow and ice. That’s where the third, final rune is hiding.

Your reward for opening the Rune Gate will be a Glacial Catalyst for upgrading the Charm of Infinite Storm, some XP, and 5000+ Hacksilver. Not a bad haul for a relatively simple puzzle. And, don’t worry, the troll won’t come back to life. If you need help with something else, feel free to browse our other God of War guides, including Tyr’s Vault Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution and Alfheim God of War Puzzle – Nornir Rune Chest solution.

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  1. N

    There is an item behind the dead troll’s weapon inside the gate. How do you get it?

    1. J

      There was nothing behind the troll or the weapon for us. I think you might be having a glitch.

      1. T
        Tyron marsters

        I have the same problem and not sure how to report this glitch

    2. A

      I had the same thing happen, sat there for 15 min trying to figure out how to pick up whatever was there before I gave up

  2. M

    I had the same bug. Saved and reloaded and it fixed the issue.

  3. L

    The Glacial Catalist was behind the troll’s arm for me too. I exited to the main menur and then reloaded my game, and the item had moved to the center of the room where I could pick it up.

  4. R

    Thank you for the answer! I spent to long searching already

    1. J

      No problem, glad we could help!

  5. N

    Thanks, that was very detailed and helpful

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