Buri's Storeroom Rune Door Puzzle Solution in God of War

Buri’s Storeroom is an area in the Lake of Nine in God of War. To enter Buri’s Storeroom, you have to solve a Rune Door puzzle. Solving the Rune Door puzzle on Buri’s Storeroom requires you to hit the three rune bells with the Leviathan Axe. The tricky part is that one of the bells is blocked by an iron gate, and releasing it is a little puzzling. Here’s how to solve Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door puzzle in God of War.

Buri's Storeroom Rune Door Puzzle Solution in God of War
Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door Puzzle Solution in God of War

How to Open God of War Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door Puzzle?

To open Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door in God of War, you have to hit the three rune bells. You’ve likely met this kind of puzzle before. The problem here is that the third bell is behind an iron gate on the far left, and completely inaccessible. The first two bells are just next to the door, one on each side. To reach Buri’s Storeroom, take the boat east of the Temple of Tyr in the Lake of Nine after the water drops a second time.

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To free the third rune, first go under the gate on the left, below the bell. Clear out the draugr, and look up the cliff on the right until you find a Shatter Crystal that you can destroy with a Shock Arrow. Then, go back to the rune door and head up the staircase on the left. At the top, you’ll find a large gear that rotates the enormous wood wheel in the water. This will allow you to paddle to the other part of the island.

Get back into the boat and row around the island on the right and onto the now-accessible beach. You’ll now be back to the part where you blew up the Shock Crystal before. Get out of the boat and approach the iron gate, and use the chain to bring the gate down. Then, back to the boat and row back to the rune door. All three of the rune bells are now reachable. Hit all three quickly, and you’ll unlock Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door.

Inside Buri’s Storeroom, there’s a Legendary Chest, and two more chests with Hacksilver. We got the Glaive Storm Heavy Runic Attack, over six thousand Hacksilver and a World Serpent Scale. In case you need more help, check out our other God of War guides, including Post Game Content – What To Do After You Beat The Game and Magic Chisel Journey Quest – How to Reach Hammer.

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