Activate the Mechanism The Powers Club Gotham Knights Case 2.2

During your playthrough, Gotham Knights is going to take you all across Gotham. These locations range from the iconic, all the way to the lesser explored. One of these is The Powers Club. When you get there, you are going to need to solve a difficult puzzle. It requires that you find three switches to activate the mechanism. If you are having trouble with the Gotham Knights Case 2.2 in The Powers Club and don’t know how to activate the mechanism there, this guide is here to help you solve this tricky puzzle.

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Activate the Mechanism The Powers Club Gotham Knights Case 2.2
Activate the Mechanism The Powers Club Gotham Knights Case 2.2

How to Activate the Mechanism in The Powers Club Gotham Knights

Once you arrive at the Powers Club and defeat the guards, you will be given the objective to “use AR to scan the area”. What you’re looking for here are several hidden switches. Before you can look for them, however, you will need to take care of the guards there. You can do this stealthily, or you can go in, fists blazing. It all depends on which character you are playing as. The first of these switches is hidden inside a hollowed-out book. We have taken a screenshot of where this book is, so you don’t have to look for it all over the map.

The second switch you are looking for can be found inside a bust. Again, we have marked this exact bust and where it is in our screenshot gallery directly below. Go there and analyze the bust and after that – turn on the switch inside of it. All that’s left now is to go to the place where the mechanism for these two switches is connected – which is a wall lamp. Once you activate this wall lamp, it will turn on a mechanism that will reveal a hidden passage.

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