How to Access Gran Turismo 7 Preorder Content

If you’ve pre-ordered Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), you will want to know where to find Gran Turismo 7 preorder bonuses. The eighth mainline instalment in the iconic Gran Turismo series has finally arrived, showcasing the capabilities of the PS5. Fans of the sim racing franchise have pre-order Gran Turismo 7 long ago, and that’s not just to show loyalty. They’ll also receive pre-order bonuses, namely a 3-Car Pack and 100,000 in-game credit. The pack includes Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept Stealth Model, Porsche 917 Living Legend, and Toyota Supra GT500 ’97. Read on to find out how to access Gran Turismo 7 preorder bonus content.

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How to Access Gran Turismo 7 Preorder Content
Gran Turismo 7 preorder bonuses

Where to Find Gran Turismo 7 Pre-Order Bonus Content

If you live in North America, and your PlayStation Network account is registered in the US or Canada, you will receive a voucher insert for the Gran Turismo 7 pre-order bonus content within the Launch Edition. This means that your pre-order content should be automatically included in the game once you download Gran Turismo 7 on your console. You don’t need to do anything outside of the game. For the rest of the world, that’s not the case.

If you’ve pre-purchased Gran Turismo 7 anywhere outside of North America, you should have received a voucher code at the time of purchase. This voucher code contains said GT7 pre-order bonuses, a 3-Car Pack and 100,000 in-game credit. In order to redeem GT7 preorder code and get your Gran Turismo 7 preorder content, follow these steps:

  • Open the PS Store and click on your Avatar
  • Select Redeem Codes from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the pre-order code and select Redeem.
  • GT7 Preorder Content is now added to your account!

Keep in mind that the code must be for the same region as your account. You’ve received your twelve digits code with Gran Turismo 7 preorder bonuses either via email or as a physical card. Once the game launches, if you have correctly redeemed your code, you will be able to find your GT7 pre-order content ready in-game.

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  1. R
    Robert Smyth

    I have the ps5 version, but code has given me Yaris and 1m credits….and yes it is the ps5 version installed!!

    1. A

      Yes me too ?? No pre order cars though

    2. J

      I had to close the game and reopen for the bonus content to hit

  2. J

    We input the codes on ps5 and received nothing?!

  3. Z

    Redeem code only gave 100,000 credits and no cars

  4. D
    David Proulx

    Same here. Got the 100,000 credits but no cars. What is going on?

  5. R

    I have the credits but none of the cars that came with the codes. Why?

  6. M

    I’m also having the same issue. Have the credits but nothing else!!

    1. A

      Close the gt7 app and reopen it they should appear upon world map opening

      1. E

        Man, it worked!!!
        3 car pack loaded upon closing and reopening the Game app.
        Thanks Alonzo!!!!!!!

  7. L

    Exactly the same here. Got the credits but no cars

  8. C
    Carson p ballard

    I put my code in it gave me the 100.000 cr but did not give me the the 3 cars that comes with the bonus content

  9. K

    I entered the code but I accidentally did it in lowercase and I got 1 million credits and like half the garage from the entire game

    1. M

      I don’t think so. Screenshot, please.

  10. R

    I live in Canada and No once I redeemed my code nothing happened…I still started the game with 20,000 cr and nothing no extra cars nothing 🤔😩😩😩

  11. D
    Debbie Hewitt

    Received credits but no cars. How do I get other codes for other profile

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