GTA 5 All Space Monkey Mosaics Map Locations

Space Monkey Mosaics are type of collectible obtainable for players who play GTA5 on PS4 and Xbox One. They are work of art of an unknown author found all over San Andreas.
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There are 50 of them. You should take a picture of them with your cellphone in order to receive count. Once you find and take a picture of all 50 of them, you’ll receive new clothes customization options for Trevor and a new event for a Go Go Blista Car. This event requires you to take a picture of the author of the Monkey Mosaics, but be aware that only the returning players can finish this event. As you complete this final task you will receive a Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car in your protagonists garages.

Space Monkey Clothes for Trevor

As you take a picture of all 50 Space Monkey Mosaics you are automatically granted new outfit for Trevor. Too bad this is not usable in Online mode. All PS4 and Xbox one players that have collected 50 Monkey Mosaics are entitled for this prize.Note: As some of you are already aware you can always track the number of collected Monkey mosaics from general tab in Stats section of players option statistics. This statistic “only” shows total number of collected Mosaics.

Map Location of all 50 Monkey Mosaics

GTA V Monkey Mosaics 50 Map Locations

1. Paleto Bay

On the edge of a wall, behind the gas station.

2. Paleto Bay

Behind the barber shop, in a small alley, close to an electric box and a locked metal door.

3. North Chumash

At the bottom of the large southern bridge pillar.

4. Zancudo River

On the edge of a wall, behind clothing and Ammu-nation stores front entrance.

5. Grand Senora Desert

Between two wooden pallets, near the recycling containers, behind the building with the clothing store.

6. Grand Senora Desert

On the lower part of the wall, next to the large metal objects.

7. Alamo Sea

Inside a ruined house. The Monkey Mosaic is hidden inside a small room, behind a boarded up door. It might take more than one shot with the cellphone to actually make a picture that counts.

8. Sandy Shores

Inside the last room on the second floor of a ruined motel. This room is located in the southwestern part of the motel.

9. Sandy Shores

Painted on a wooden house, below the roof edge, above a blue graffiti.

10. Grapeseed

Behind a building with the brick wall, close to the wooden pallets.

11. Grapeseed

On the corner of a wall, behind a metal shack where you can find several red gas tanks.

12. Humane Labs and Research

On one of the pillars that hold the roof above the entrance to the facility.

13. Grand Senora Desert

In the part of the scrapyard where there are no large airplane parts, but lots of car parts. Next to the water tower and rectangle-shaped concrete building.

14. Tataviam Mountains

Behind a large 24/7 Supermarket, hidden in the shade of a roof edge, close to the stone facade.

15. Mirror Park

On the leftmost column of the small building that is surrounded by a short metal fence.

16. East Los Santos

Below the freeway, on the edge of a wall on the corner of the street.

17. El Burro Heights

Close to the large, reddish metal container, on the back of the stairs to the elongated rectangle-shaped building.

18. Cypress Flats

On the rooftop of the Pißwasser factory. There are large fire escape stairs that lead to where the Monkey Mosaic is located. Once you climb up, look toward your left to spot the right place.

19. South Los Santos

Use the ladder behind the carpet center store to find and take a picture of the Monkey Mosaic. When you climb to the rooftop, jump over the wall on your left to the other roof, where the Monkey Mosaic is located.

20. Dutch London ST

On the edge of a fence, close to the large billboard and Mexican-American breakfast store.

21. Terminal Buccaneer Way

At the farthest southeastern point of the map, low on the wall, close to the wooden pallets.

22. Port of South Los Santos

In the southern part of the map, close to the small, white service container.

23. Elysian Island

On the lower left corner of the wall, next to a portable toilet and a metal container, near the water.

24. Los Santos International Airport

In the lower part of the wall, close to the metal fence and the large service container.

25. Los Santos International Airport

On the corner of the old, rusty container, under a crane machine claw.

26. La Puerta FWY

At the bottom of the large Maze Bank Arena billboard, hidden behind a tall bush.

27. Vespucci

Hidden behind tall bushes, in the corner of a small garden, close to the helipad.

28. San Andreas

On the wall with the number “3” on it. This place, where the number and Monkey Mosaic are painted on, is between the sports court and the small brick bleachers.

29. Del Perro

On the side of the bench, in the lower level of the southeastern part of the pier.

30. Sandcastle Way

On the upper corner of a wall, behind the restaurant close to the street.

31. Vespucci Canals

On the side of the small skate ramp that looks toward the larger half-pipe.

32. Del Perro

On the a wall next to the stairs that lead to the subway.

33. Morningwood

On the wall above the Woody’s Autos sign. Rather large Monkey Mosaic, thus, hard to miss.

34. Pacific Bluffs

On the side of the long brick stairs.

35. Pacific Bluffs

At the back of the house next to the church, close to the large tree.

36. Richman

Close to the stairs, at the bottom of the large, brick UCLA building.

37. Rockford Hills

Close to the rear entrance of the Cottage Park maintenance house, high up on the wall.

38. Galileo Observatory

In the upper level of the Galileo Observatory, on the corner of a small fence-wall.

39. Vinewood

Use the ladder at the back of the building to climb to the first floor. The Monkey Mosaic is overlooking the nearby parking lots.

40. Downtown Vinewood

In the lower part of a brick wall, on a parking lot located between buildings.

41. Vinewood

At the higher point of a wall, on the side of the “WTF?!” building. You can take a picture of this Mosaic from the street.

42. West Vinewood

Above the entrance to Hardcore Comic Store.

43. Burton

Close to the Fruit Machine store, on the wall above one of the rooftops. You might need to climb on top of this rooftop to take a good picture of the Monkey Mosaic. The ladder that takes you there can be found behind the brick building.

44. Rockford Hills

Next to the fountain, on the side of the short concrete wall.

45. Rockford Hills

On the side of one of the white pillars in the brick wall, next to the freeway exit.

46. Vinewood

Below the freeway overpass, hidden on a wall next to the homeless “house”.

47. La Mesa

Close to the top of a train wagon located under the freeway overpass.

48. Pillbox Hill

Next to the small window, above the potted flowers, under a street overpass.

49. Downtown

Hidden in the shadows inside a homeless camp, in what appears to be a hole in a freeway foundation.

50. Strawberry

At the end of a long, dark passage.
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