How to get Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car in GTA 5

Space Monkey Trevor Clothes and Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car are obtainable for players who play GTA5 on PS4 and Xbox One. Once you take a picture of 50 Space Monkey Mosaics you’ll receive new clothes customization options for Trevor and a new event.
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This event requires you to take a picture of the author of the Monkey Mosaics. As you complete this final task you will receive a Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car in your protagonists garages.

  1. Only for PS4 and Xbox One players.
  2. Taking a picture of an unknown space monkey artists gives you the ultimate prize Go Go Monkey Blista Car. This artist spawn on a specific location as a part of a random event.
  3. Beside the facts mention above in order to spawn Space Monkey Artist random event your main protagonists need to own at least two garages in total.
  4. You also want to keep your text mailbox not full, so you can receive notification acknowledging you about car reward.
  5. Go Go Monkey Blista Car is only for returning players (the ones that played GTA5 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and now playing on new gen consoles). Source: Rockstar.

Personal Garages Locations

One of the requirements for Space Monkey Artist to spawn is to have at least 2 owned garages with your main protagonists. They all cost $30,000 each. Grove Street Garage can be bought with Franklin, Vinewood Garage with Michael and Pillbox Hill with Trevor.

Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car Event Artist

Once you collect all 50 Monkey Mosaics, head to western Vinewood. There should be a Los Santos Customs nearby. North from it, near the parking lot between the buildings a blue map dot indicating a rare event should pop out at some point in time while you are near. Approach this location carefully and take a picture of an unknown author. Several moments later you should receive the text message from Space Monkey it self informing you about your work effects and the new reward Go Go Monkey Blista car. From your character’s personal garage you can now select and use this vehicle.
Note: You can find everything about this event and the car on MrBossFTW youtube channel.

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