Best-selling cars in GTA 5 Online

Stealing and selling cars in GTA 5 Online is one of fastest way to get money. When you steal a car, sell them to Los Santos Customs if they are not damaged and premium.
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Los Santos Customs will not take some sports cars or high end bikes. You can sell a car every 35 minutes (real time) and earn approximately from $3500 to $9500.

The price for damaged cars will be decreased approximately $70 for smashed window, while the price will be reduced by $54, if you steal the car while it is occupied.

What are the most expensive cars you can sell to Los Santos Customs?

SportsVapid Peyote (Peyote gang)$12 940
MuscleAlbany Buccaneers (Buccaneers Gang)$9 750
CoupesLampadati Felon GT$9 500
SportsDeclasse Tornado (Gang version)$9 040
CoupesLampadati Felon$9 000
SUVGallivanter Baller (Modern)$9 000
SUVGallivanter Baller (Classic)$9 000
SUVObey Rocoto$8 500
Off RoadCanis Mesa (Merryweather Jeep)$8 500
CoupesOcelot F620$8 000
SportsBenefactor Schwartzer$8 000
SportsUbermacht Oracle$8 000
SUVAlbany Cavalcade (Modern)$7 000
SUVBenefactor Dubsta$7 000
SUVAlbany Cavalcade (Classic)$7 000
CoupesUbermacht Zion$6 500
CoupesUbermacht Zion Cabrio$6 500
SedanBenefactor Schafter$6 500
CoupesOcelot Jackal$6 000
SUVBenefactor Serrano$6 000
SportsUbermacht Sentinel XS$6 000
SportsUbermacht Sentinel$6 000
SUVDundreary Landstalker$5 800
SUVFathom FQ 2$5 000
SUVMammoth Patriot$5 000
Off RoadVapid Sandking XL$4 500
Off RoadVapid Sandking SWB$4 500
SUVEmperor Habanero$4 200
SedanCheval Surge$3 800
SportsSchyster Fusilade$3 600
UtilityVapid Sadler$3 500
MuscleVapid Dominator$3 500
SportsBravado Buffalo$3 500
MuscleBravado Gauntlet$3 200
SUVVapid Radius$3 200
SUVDeclasse Granger$3 100
SUVCanis Mesa$3 000
VanBravado Bison$3 000
SportsDeclasse Tornado$3 000
VanVapid Minivan$3 000
SUVCanis Seminole$3 000
SUVBravado Gresley$2 900
MuscleAlbany Buccaneer$2 800
SedanKarin Asterope$2 600
CoupesBollokan Prairie$2 500
CompactsKarin Dilettante$2 500
CompactsShitzu PCJ 600$2 500
MotorcyclesShitzu PCJ 600$2 500
SedanCheval Fugitive$2 400
SportsMaibatsu Penumbra$2 400
VanVapid Bobcat XL$2 300
MuscleDeclasse Vigero$2 100
MuscleImponte Phoenix$2 000
MotorcyclesWestern Daemon$2 000
CompactsWeeny Issi$1 800
Off RoadBF Injection$1 600
CompactsDinka Blista$1 600
SedanKarin Intruder$1 600
VanBravado Youga$1 600
MotorcyclesWestern Bagger$1 600
MuscleDeclasse Sabre Turbo$1 500
Off RoadBravado Duneloader$1 500
SedanAlbany Washington$1 500
SportsKarin Sultan$1 200
SportsVapid Peyote$1 200
VanBravado Rumpo$1 200
MuscleImponte Ruiner$1 000
SedanVapid Stanier$1 000
SportsKarin Futo$1 000
SportsPegassi Ruffian$1 000
SedanZirconium Stratum$1 000

What are the cars which you can’t sell / mod or are Too Hot for Los Santos Customs?

SportsAnnis Elegy RH8Can’t Sell
SportsBenefactor FeltzerToo Hot
SportsBenefactor SuranoToo Hot
SportsBravado BansheeToo Hot
SuperCoil VolticToo Hot
VanDeclasse BurritoNot modifiable
CoupeDewbauchee ExemplarToo Hot
SportsDewbauchee JB 700Too Hot
SportsDewbauchee Rapid GTToo Hot
SportsDewbauchee Rapid GT Soft topToo Hot
MotorcyclesDinka AkumaToo Hot
CoupeEnus Cognoscenti CabrioToo Hot
SportsEnus Super DiamondToo Hot
SportsGrotti CarbonizzareToo Hot
SuperGrotti CheetahToo Hot
SportsGrotti StingerToo Hot
SportsGrotti Stinger GTToo Hot
SportsHijack KhameleonCan’t Sell
SportsInvetero CoquetteToo Hot
Off RoadNagasaki BlazerNot Modifiable
MotorcyclesNagasaki Carbon RSCan’t sell
SportsObey 9FCan’t sell
SportsObey 9F CabrioCan’t sell
SuperOverflod Entity XFToo Hot
SuperPegassi InfernusToo Hot
SuperPegassi MonroeToo Hot
SuperPegassi VaccaToo Hot
SuperPfister CometToo Hot
SuperTruffade AdderToo Hot
SportsTruffade Z-TypeToo Hot
SuperVapid BulletToo Hot
MuscleVapid HotknifeToo Hot
SportsAlbany AlphaCan’t sell
SportsAlbany RooseveltCan’t sell
MuscleBravado Rat-LoaderCan’t sell
SportsDewbauchee MassacroCan’t sell
MotorcyclesDinka Double TCan’t sell
SportsDinka JesterCan’t sell
MotorcyclesDinka ThrustCan’t sell
SUVEnus Huntley SCan’t sell
SuperGrotti Turismo RCan’t sell
SuperPegassi ZentornoCan’t sell
Off RoadBF BiftaCan’t Sell
VanBravado ParadiseCan’t Sell
TrucksCanis CrusaderCan’t Sell
Off RoadCanis KalahariCan’t Sell
MotorcyclesLCC HexerCan’t Sell
MotorcyclesPegassi Bati 801Can’t Sell
MotorcyclesPegassi Bati 801RRCan’t Sell

The complete list of all car prices can be found in our GTA 5 Vehicle Database



  1. T

    Good job man killer info wanted to say thanks since no one else left comment

  2. B

    sometimes if you steal a good model such as these (especially the coupes) and let the owner walk away, you will get a bounty on your head from “unknown”.

    1. G

      kill them everytime still got a bounty, though it doesnt seem to happen as often

  3. Z

    I also managed $8000 with a Benefactor Schwartzer.

  4. N

    This is useful, thanks. I figured out the Baller was worth the most out of the cars I was easily able to find and its been my go-to. I just save a few in my garage and take one in every 24 game hours. Usually when I come outside my apt. there are a lot driving around, so I just replace the one I took out. I also look for higher end cars to steal just to get a bounty, so I can survive it and collect on that as well.

    1. S

      Ditto! Good to see I’m not the only one Hood Hustlin’ still!!! Good thinking Man!

  5. Y

    The best car to sell is franklins buffalo which goes for 126 k if anyone wants this add me ” a gassed jew ” and I will duplicate a buffalo for you

    1. R

      i cannot find u , agassedjew??? thats your nickname?

    2. S
      Sam StayStrapdup Lewis

      Please add me on Xbox (taste my Ruger). Clone one for me

    3. S
      Shelly Marks

      Could I have 1 if u add me? “gunbit07” ps3 if that makes a difference. Thank you. Also, has anybody else had money in their “bank account” go missing in the last few days? Was playing last night and had over $187k go missing in two different sessions. January 26 2014

      1. C
        Chad Asher

        Over the past few weeks any “counterfeit” (Hacker money) has been confiscated This doesn’t mean you are a hacker, it just means some bounties or money given to you was gotten by some not so legal means before hand

  6. B

    I once sold a car for about 10K…Couldn’t remember which one tho.

    1. T

      You probably customized it a little bit, the price increases every time you edit the car, except for the wheels and color I believe.

    2. K

      yes that must have been the mammoth patriot but that one is only 10k if you had an assignment from Simeon

  7. J

    The ocelot jackal gives you 12000 dollars
    And the baller suv 18000

    1. K

      No they don’t… they are 8,000 $ and 8500 $ for the ocelot and baller. they give you more if the car has mods. if you have mods in the car you sell they only give you 30% of what you paid for the mods and add that to the money of the car being sold.

      1. K

        actually it’s 6,000 for the jackal and 9,000 for the baller but yes if you got more money than that it’s because you put mods it the car, which means you probaly lost money due to the price you paid for the mods

        1. D

          he’s talking about the Simeon freeroam car repo, I just got 18k for a baller I only had to respray it

  8. Anyone that would like to do a duplication glitch just add me my gt is Juggernaut7724 spelled exactly like that

  9. T
    That GTA Wizard.

    Update, the Peyote gang cars ( Yellow, purple, green or matte red) sell for 12,940 in game dollars, the gang Buccaneers sell for 9,750 (Green and black, purple and creme, yellow and black, matte green), gang Tornados sell for 9,040 (Green, Blue, Purple and creme, Yellow, silver) because the gang cars always have modifications added to them by the gangs therefore boost up the sales value and all you have to do is take one, drive it to your garage to fix it for free (because you will get shot while getting the car most of the times) and sell it at LSC and voila. You’re welcome.

  10. S

    I found a custom Sandking XL and got 17k for it

  11. K

    im using the dubsters i take it lsc and do the suspension and the last horn goes free and boom sell for $34k 🙂

  12. S

    you can sell the bati 801 and if you get the most expensive horn on it over 20 k cash guys and gals

  13. B

    the Declasse Tornado sells for 12575 not 9040

  14. L

    There are two versions of the tornado gang car a top less version that sells for cheaper and a hard top that sells for more.

  15. R

    Rat-Loader, Muscle sold for $12975

  16. T

    If you have a garage with spare space in it you can get one of the land-rover looking things put it into there and then wait about 5 to 15 gta days and it will magically insure it self and you can sell it for nearly 10k

  17. B

    There is a car that spawns at 22:00 – 3:00 (GTA time) near eclipse towers and it sells for 17k

  18. A

    Before a patch, the elegy used to sell for about 30k

  19. R

    Sentinel XS Custom car spawns up in West Vinewood area on Eclipse Boulevard, most frequently in front of the green DM Pets/Vinewood Records store 23:00 to 4:00 sells for 15,000 to 19,000$. Look for a lime green/ purple paint job.

    1. B

      Yes the Sentinel XS (in yellow and purple) spawn between 11:00pm and 4:00am. Yellow one sell for $14k without damage, Purple XS sells for $17k. Also, look for the Sandking XL. Spawns at Larry’s Auto between 11:00am and 5:00pm Yellow has roll bar in bed, sells for $17,500. Blue with gem cap on back sells for $18,495.

  20. C

    Hey I’m wondering if anyone knows any good jobs or glitches for money and to besides cars and bountys I’m new so I need a bit of money

  21. G

    Found one to sell for 17,000 the hard top version of micheals wifes car but it was tricked out

  22. G

    I was destroied for announcing i had a Felon GT. the killer took the car and sold it. So sad

  23. T

    The part about selling cars every 35 minutes is wrong, it’s around 48 minutes.

  24. D

    It’s about 50 minutes real time not 35

  25. L

    If you steal a sand king and drive it around in a certain area by a car lot between around 8am and 5pm you have a chance at finding a full package/souped up sand king xl worth about 17 grand

    1. C

      Is this online or story mode?

  26. S

    It sells for 9,000 without the 5-10 day waiting… is there something I’m missing? A trick?

  27. S

    You forgot the UBERMACHT SENTINEL 9500$

  28. M

    The car that sells for the most anount of money is actuallt the custom sandking xl that very rarely spawns on the parking lot across the los santos customs between the prison and the large airfield in blaine county. It can be sold for 17k.

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