GTA 5 Mission 23 - By the Book Guide

“By the Book” Gold Medal Objectives

Don’t Stop Me NowFinish mission without Mr.K’s heart stopping
ElectrocutionerUse jump lead clamps successfully on Mr.K
The Tooth HurtsUse plier successfully on Mr.K
WrenchedUse wrench successfully on Mr.K
It’s Legal!Use waterboarding technique successfully on Mr.K
CompletionGold 100%
gta 5 mission 23GTA 5 Mission 23 – “By the Book” – starts after you have completed “Three’s Company”, the mission where you control all three characters at the same time. To start “By the Book”, answer the phone call from Steve Haines while playing with Trevor or Michael.
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He tells you that you have to go. During the mission you will switch between Trevor and Michael many times. Trevor will stay inside the warehouse, and Michael will do what he is told.

Go to the warehouse

gta 5 mission 23The warehouse is in Banning, Southeast of Maze Bank arena. Trevor will stay inside the warehouse torturing poor Mr.K until the very end of the mission.

Torture Mr.K

There are four devices you can use in order to extract information from Mr.K. Using all four of them counts for the completion of four tasks; one device for each task. The fifth task ”Don’t Stop Me Now” requires you not to cause Mr.K’s heart to stop during the interrogation.
gta 5 ElectrocutionerObtain ”Electrocutioner” to use jump lead clamps. Pay attention to Mr.K’s heartbeat, because this method can easily get out of hand.

gta 5 The Tooth HurtsObtain ”The Tooth Hurts” by using a pliers to pull out poor Mr. K’s teeth. With this device you have to quickly rotate the button to get a grip of the tooth.

gta 5 WrenchedObtain ”Wrenched” by using the wrench. This is a rather easy torturing method since Trevor extracts information after only one wrench swing.

gta 5 by the book Obtain ”It’s Legal!” by using the waterboarding technique. Immobilize Mr.K on his back in a chair and cover his face with a piece of cloth. Pour down the water from a gas can over Mr.K’s face. Keep in mind that while using this technique you should release the button on the can from time to time. Do not pour water constantly.

Drive to the locations Haines sent you to

There are two locations where Haines sends Michael. The first is a wrong one, it is Southwest of Michael’s house in Rockford Hills. The second and the correct one is at Chumash, The Western Highway.

Assassinate the target

gta 5 assassinate targetAt this position Michael will aim at Tahir Kerimov, middle aged man, left-handed, with a bushy beard, smoking lots of cigarettes. You can easily recognize him in his red shirt. He is by himself, leaning over the fence on the second floor.

Go to the airport

gta 5 by the bookTrevor obeys nobody. He does not listen to what Steve Haines tells him to do. The end of the mission.
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