GTA 5 Online How to earn Reputation Points

Reputation Points play important role in GTA 5 Online, since the higher Reputation Rank unlocks better weapons, vehicles and cloths. In this guide we described different actions that grant you the largest amount of reputation points and the fastest rank up.
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We also created the list of all GTA 5 Online level unlocks, including jobs as well.

Reputation Points basic information

  • Reputation points count toward the Reputation Ranks.
  • Reputation ranks unlocks new features like weapons, missions, customization, new ways of earning money (like new places to rob) and etc.
  • Reputation points are rewards for completing jobs like races, deathmatches, survivals, parachuting, missions, last team standing, or escaping cops and wanted level, killing other players, participating in sports events and much more.
  • Some reputation tasks are obtainable after reaching a certain reputation rank.
  • The amount of reputation points you earn depend on several things like: Have you successfully completed a job or not, did you win the race or not…
  • Being a member of a crew, and playing in a group brings up additional amount of reputation points (10%-30% depending on the crew member status)

How to Earn Reputation Points & Rank Up Fast

There are couple of places where you can earn a large amount of points pretty fast. Most of the task can be completed without a group, but some of them require more members. They are all based on a simple fact, they are jobs or missions and you can repeat them as many times as you like. For example:
  1. Races can be done fairly easily, you can host one race, play it alone (without inviting anyone), win race in a short timely manner (choose the one with the shortest distance), earn decent reputation points, repeat.
  2. Parachuting events are fairly short as well. They usually give decent amount of reputation points as well, and you can repeat them as many times as you like.
  3. Some missions, like Violent Duct which you can start at level 15, grants a large amount of money as well. But this one requires more than one member to complete.
  4. Winning a sport match (golf, tennis…) awards large amount of reputation points



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