GTA 5 Mission 24 Hood Safari

Hood Safari Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeFinish mission under 7:00 minutes
AccuracyHit enemies and complete mission with efficiency above 70%
HeadshotsAt least 12 enemies should be killed with a headshot
CompletionGold 100%

gta 5 mission 24 hood safariGTA 5 Mission 24 – Hood Safari is available after you complete the mission “By the Book”. In order to start it, get to the Franklin’s safe house, with either Franklin or Trevor.
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Above the house is capital “F” marking the mission start area.

Go to Grove Street

gta 5 hood safariThe yellow spot you should drive the van to is couple of streets away, south of Franklin’s house.

Escape from Grove Street with Lamar and Trevor

gta 5 mission 24This is the toughest part of the mission since there are many enemies you have to kill in order to reach the end of the street. If Trevor or Franklin die, the Gold Medal tasks ”Mission Time” and ”Accuracy” fail, because the previous checkpoint reloads. While proceeding to the end of the street, keep moving on the same side of the street. It is crucial to hide behind the cover since there are many enemies in front of you. You can easily spot the enemies and shoot at their heads, which will contribute to the completion of the task ”Headshots”. Do not waste too much time here, because you have to accomplish the mission objective quickly, because of the Gold Medal task ”Mission Time”. Therefore, skip all the cut scenes, it will save the time.
When you reach the end of the street, the cops show up. At this moment, run to the alley, and toward the next objective, neglecting the police presence.

Follow Lamar on Seashark

gta 5 hood safariLet Trevor and Lamar drive in front of you. They are slower, but, they drive on predetermined route. If you crash with Trevor and Lamar, you’ll probably fall down from the seashark and lose them. When you reach the harbor in the South, Lamar and Trevor (or Franklin) split in order to get rid of the cops easier.

Get Rid of the Cops

gta 5 hood safari lose copsAs soon as you get rid of the cops, the mission will end, so you have to be efficient. Policemen will not follow you into the water, which you can use to your advantage. Jump back to the seashark, find a bridge, and hide underneath. This will prevent policemen in helicopters from seeing you. You can also test your luck in the open sea, driving straight to the oblivion.
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