GTA 5 Mission 19 - Friends Reunited Guide

Friends Reunited Gold Mission Objectives

HeadshotsKill 5 enemies with a headshot
Mystery GiftPlant explosives without alarming anyone
UnmarkedFinish mission with minimum damage to Trevor
Perfect GiftDestroy all trailers at once
CompletionGold 100%

gta 5 mission 19GTA 5 Mission 19 is the fourth and the last mission that Trevor will be doing solo, before he does what the tittle of this article says. It starts when you get to Trevor’s safe house in Blaine County.
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If you die while controlling Trevor in this mission, Gold Medal task “Unmarked” fails instantly, and the previous checkpoint reloads.

Go to the trailer park

GTA 5 Friends ReunitedTrailer park is west of where you start the mission. The mission is not time limited. Drive as you like.

Plant the sticky bombs on the trailers.

GTA 5 Plant the sticky bombsTrailers are marked as yellow dots on the mini map. Use them as you would use the red dots. Stay away from them, while choosing the right approach. Do not alarm the residents since it counts for the completion of the task “Mystery Gift”. There are 5 trailers where you should place the bombs. The toughest one to approach is the most Northeastern one. There are few bikers in front of it. You can use the sticky bombs, and a pistol that Wade gave you. Throw the bombs at the marked trailers and save some time. Fire a haedshot from the pistol with silencer at lonely targets because it counts for the completion of the task “Headshots”.

Detonate bombs before leaving the trailer park.

gta 5 mission 19Get close to Wade before detonating the bombs to save some time. You can even take a couple of screenshots of the scenery in the distance since it is truly epic.

Go to Los Santos and Wade’s cousin’s apartment.

GTA 5 Friends Reunited apartmentOn your way to Wade’s cousin Floyd, Trevor tells a story you should listen to. It is really relaxing while you drive. You have had a number of tasks here. Floyd’s house becomes Trevor’s new safehouse.
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