GTA 5 Mission 9 – Daddy’s Little Girl Guide

Daddy’s Little Girl Gold Medal Objectives

Fastest SpeedReach top speed on the Seashark
StabilizerDon’t fall off the bicycle
Faster Than FishSwim to the boat within 1 minute
CompletionGold 100%

Daddy’s Little Girl mission starts when Micheal for the 3rd time returns to his Safe House, after completing previous Safe House related missions.

Go to the bike rental stand

Bike rental stand is at the Vespucci beach, to the south from Micheal house.
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There is no limit timer or car damage completion task for this mission, so you can go wild.

Race Jimmy to the pier.

Jimmy drives bike really slowly, so, you can drive slowly as well, since it is needed for completion task “Stabilizer”, that fails if you fall off the bike.

Swim to the yacht.

Another completion task can be done here. “Faster Than Fish” can be completed if you swim to the yacht as fast as possible, less than 1 minute.

Lose the pursuers.

When you start driving Speedophile seashark, hit the gas button and reach the top speed, as it is needed for completion task “Fastest Speed”.

Go to the shore.

Return at the beach and finish the mission.


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