GTA 5 Mission 15 – Mr. Philips Guide

Mr. Philips Gold Medal Objectives

No SurvivorsKill all bikers that flees.
HeadshotsKill 12 enemies with headshots
Mission TimeComplete mission within 12:00 minutes (Trevor’s death cause this task to fail)
Trailer TrashedCause $5,000 damage to Ortega’s trailer
Lost and DamnedKill two bikers that follows the van
CompletionGold 100%

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Philips mission follows the first heist “The Jewel Store Job“. It introduces a new character that you can control – Trevor.

Chase the van

This objective is not about stopping the van itself, but rather about killing two bikers (Terry and Clay) who follow the van. They are much faster than you, thus, you should use road curves, and shortcuts in order to catch them up. Try to shoot them wile driving side by side. Killing the bikers counts towards one of the Gold Medal requirements “Lost and Damned“.

Take down the bikers

Failing to keep Trevor alive cause a fail in completing Gold medal Task “Mission Time”, since the load from the previous checkpoint will not help you in finishing objective within 12 minutes. Due to “Mission Time” task you are not in opportunity to make any mistake.

Keep in mind that some simple actions come in handy for successful completion of the mission: like using a mini map to track positions of enemies, using Trevor’s special ability that makes him immune on damage while making more damage, shooting the bikes to explode near bikers, jumping on the top of the trailers to obtain better visual and shooting position, grabbing health, armor and weapons from empty trailers.At the end of this objective, couple of bikers start running away. Hunt them down and kill, in order to complete task “No Survivors“. At this point you should have done 12 headshot kills that count toward the task “Headshots“.

Go to the riverside trailer and push it into the river.

In order to successfully complete the task “Trailer Trashed” you should make $5,000 damage to Ortega’s trailer. At the end, you can choose to spare or kill Ortega, both choices do not have impact on game mission.

Go to Ron’s place.

This is Trevor’s safehouse, you can save your vehicles here, customize Trevor’s outfit, drink beer, watch television and etc.