GTA 5 Mission 17 - Nervous Ron Guide

Nervous Ron Gold Medal Objectives

HeadshotsKill 5 enemies with a headshot
Mission TimeComplete mission under 12:30 minutes
Nervous TwitchWin a plane race against Ron
6 Bridges, 1 PlaneFly under 6 bridges while piloting a plane
Death on a WingKill all enemies while lying down on plane wing that Ron drives
CompletionGold 100%

GTA_5_Mission_17_Nervous_Ron_GuideNervous Ron is the third mission you can do with Trevor. The mission starts in Trevor’s safe house, and it is marked on the map with capital “T”.
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If you or Ron die at any point during the mission, it causes reload of the previous checkpoint, and completion task “Mission Time” will failed.

Get to Ammu-Nation, buy snipe rifle and suppressor attachment for itGTA_5_Nervous_Ron_Guide_Get_to_Ammu_Nation

Ammu-Nation is just a few streets away. Use the ATV parked outside Trevor’s house. Inside Ammu-Nation choose a Sniper Rifle, buy it (it is free) and upgrade it with Suppressor and Advanced Scope that are free as well. Come back later if you want to check out other features, since you are time limited.

Go to Ron

GTA 5 mission 17Ron is just north from the nearby Sandy Shores airfield, climb the water tower where he is.

Focus sniper scope on Ron, while taking out the bikers.

This part is perfect for completing the task “Headshots”, but first you have to focus the scope on Ron. He is behind the building left from Trevor’s location. Get that scope on him. There are 8 bikers that you should snipe from your location, before the helicopter comes it the end.
  • At the bottom of the watchtower, shortly after you should shoot down the two lights, a biker will appear.
  • Get out of a van. Do not shoot the biker until he leaves his van and Ron tells you it is safe.
  • At the top of the watchtower you will find another biker
  • Another guy at the bottom of the tower.
  • One more guy on the tower top.
  • One guy coming out of the building near the gas tank, where Ron will plant an explosive, to the right of the watchtower.
  • Another guy coming out of the same building.
  • A biker on a bike, he stops soon after he passes by the nearby orange gas tank trailer.
The helicopter comes from the distance. Shoot down the pilot.

Help Ron secure the airstrip.

Now comes the part that is tricky due to a big number of bikers spread around the airfield. Do not be stingy on Trevor’s special ability here. If you approach the compound from the west (from the water tower on your right), keep in mind that bikers come out of the building near the gas tank, watchtower, behind the wrecked bus. You will find one or two bikers inside the hangar. If you menage to get inside, track their moves on the mini map, and act responsibly. If you are not sure you have killed 6 bikers with a headshot, this is your last chance to do it.

Get to the plane.

This is the part where Trevor jumps on a plane wing of the plane that Ron is stealing. From here you are supposed to shoot down all the bikers on the way to the other plane that Trevor is supposed to drive. The first group of scattered bikers will appear in front of the plane. Shoot them down, while you track their position on the mini map. The most challenging biker to be shot down, is the one on the motorcycle, coming soon after you have killed the first three bikers. After killing the first group, keep an eye on the three groups that come. The first one is at your right, near the gas tanks. The second is in the same line as the first one, on the right side of the black van. The third group is to the left from the plane, beside another van. Lastly, there might be a biker on a motorcycle that will come from behind.

Follow the plane, and drop the cargo near the boats.

Shake off the biker that is hanging from the wing, by simply rolling the plane left and right. There are also three bridges that you should fly under in order to complete the task “6 Bridges, 1 Plane”. Flying under the bridges counts toward the Under the Bridge Aerial Challenge that counts for 100% completion of the game.
  1. Calafia Bridge, Northwestern Alamo Sea
  2. Cassidy Creek, Zuncado River
  3. Entrance to Raton Canyon Bridge
At the end of this objective, drop the load above the blue marked circle on your map. This location is just above the boats that have dropped the flare bomb, so that you can see them from the distance.

Race Ron to the airstrip and land it safely.

Another set of three bridges you can fly under. There are even more bridges you can fly under, but the three chosen ones should be the easiest ones.
  1. Ocean Highway Viaduct, Southwest from Port Zancudo
  2. Eastern Fort Zancudo Bridge approach
  3. Zancudo River Raild Bridge
Landing on the McKenzie Field Hangar airstrip, without crashing the plane and before Ron, counts toward completion of the task “Nervous Twitch”.
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