GTA 5 Mission 16 - Trevor Philips Industries Guide

Trevor Philips Industries Gold Medal Objectives

Body CountKill 32 enemies
UnmarkedComplete mission with minimum damage to Trevor’s health
Scrap ManDestroy 6 vehicles
Mission timeComplete mission within 4:30 minutes time limit
CompletionGold 100%

GTA_5_Mission_16_Trevor_Philips_Industries_GuideGTA 5 Mission 16 – Trevor Philips Industries is the second mission coming after you have obtained new character Trevor. It starts when you get close to the mark “C” on your map.
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It is south of Trevor’s house, representing the “Yellow Jack” bar. Starting the mission on the daylight, might help you complete the golden tasks easier. If you or the Chef die at any point on this mission, you’ll automatically fail in completing the tasks “Unmarked” and “Mission time”.

Go to the meth lab.

GTA_5_Trevor_Philips_Industries_Go_to_the_meth_labMeth lab is just North of the bar you are at. There is a time limit for the mission, press the gas pedal down.

Take out Ortega’s men.

GTA_5_Trevor_Philips_Industries_Take_out_Ortegas_menThis is when it starts to get tricky. All gold completion tasks can be accomplished during your combat versus Ortega’s men. The easiest way to do it, is to follow basic rules. Stay in cover, close by the Chef. When he moves, you should move with him, since Ortega’s men tend to come in front of the Chef. Enemies come by cars and motorcycles. You can use this at your advantage, because you can find a couple of red canisters near the place where they park their ride. Blow the canisters up to destroy their ride for completing “Scrap Man”.

Follow Chef

GTA_5_Trevor_Philips_Industries_Follow_Chef_Imponte_PhoenixThe Chef is going to change his position in the meth lab couple of times. He tends to move as you defeat one by one wave of incoming Ortega’s men. You can easily lose him, as the rush of adrenalin from all the shooting can distract you in the meth lab building. When you get to the balcony on the first floor, he will pass a grenade launcher to you. This is a great opportunity to blow up a couple of vehicles and more enemies toward the completion of the task “Body Count”.

Note: There is a rare car you can obtain in this mission. It is called Imponte Phoenix. It comes with the first and the last wave of Ortega’s men.

Go to the ice box.

This is where the mission ends. The ice box is just right of the front entrance of the meth.
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