GTA 5 Mission 18 - Crystal Maze Guide

Crystal Maze Gold Medal Objectives

HeadshotsKill 10 enemies with a headshot
UnmarkedFinish mission with minimum damage to Trevor
2 Birds 1 StoneKill 2 enemies with 1 shot
AccuracyFinish mission with no less then 80% shooting accuracy
CompletionGold 100%
gta 5 mission 18GTA 5 Crystal Maze starts when Trevor goes to the “Yellow Jack” bar for the second time, while the letter “C” is above it on th map. If you die at any point during the mission, it causes reload of the previous checkpoint and completion tasks like “Unmarked” and “Accuracy” will fail.
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GTA 5 Crystal Maze farm Go to the O’Neal brothers’ farm and vantage point

O’Neal brothers farm is Northeast of your position. There is no time limit for completing the mission, so you can walk there if you feel like it. The vantage point is Southwest of the farm.

Destroy the O’Neals meth lab

gta 5 Crystal MazeWhen you get to the vantage point you will see two trees and a large bush there. Stand in front of the bush toward the farm. You will have clear shots at almost everyone. From here it is easy to kill 2 enemies with 1 shot. There are a few of them standing in front of you. Kill the two enemies on the second floor, and the next two in the house to complete the tasks “2 Birds 1 Stone” and “Headshots”. If you somehow have a problem with this position, stand behind the two enemies that shoot at cans in front of the barn, left (west) of your vantage point position.

Keep in mind that the two tasks can collide here. Tasks “Accuracy” and “Headshots” can be tricky to complete, during the first playthrough. To make it possible, plan your moves, for example:
  1. Shoot down as many enemies as possible with a sniper rifle at the beginning, without alarming the others. This means you have to shoot down first the targets that are not on the patrol route of the nearby enemies.
  2. Use Trevor’s special ability whenever suitable, don’t be shy when using that skill. His special ability slows the time down, giving you a moment or two for a successful headshot. It also allows you to take some close up shots
  3. Sometimes headshots are not counted for even if you are sure you have made them. Keep aiming toward their heads whenever possible
  4. When you enter the house, there are a couple of enemies inside. Do not rush toward them, take your time, since they tend to reveal their positions behind the covers.

Shoot the gasoline trail to ignite it

When you reach the basement, there is an unarmed resident. Next to him is a Jerry Can. Pick it up, and pour the gasoline leaving a trail behind you. Shoot the gasoline trail track in order to ignite it. Jerry can is a fun destruction mechanism you can use in your favor. Mission ends as you leave the farm.
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