GTA 5 Mission 22 - Three's Company Guide

Three’s Company Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeFinish mission under 7:30 minutes
AccuracyHit enemies and complete mission with efficiency of above 60%
HeadshotsAt least 10 enemies should be killed with a headshot
CompletionGold 100%

Three’s Company

GTA 5 Mission 22 is available after completing the mission “Dead Man Walking“. It is marked with capital “B” on the map, at the location of the Federal Investigation Bureau, Pillbox Hill.
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In order to start the mission, get close to or stand on the yellow circle mark in front of the big FIB sign, marked on the map.

Go to the meeting point

GTA 5 mission 22 Three CompanyThe meeting point is in the Eastern Los Santos, El Burro Heights. The mission is time limited. Press the gas pedal down.

Fly to the Bureau headquarters

GTA 5 Three CompanyWhen Trevor sits in the pilot’s seat, drive the helicopter to the starting position of the mission, to the FIB building. Approach the marked area from the West. While flying right above the top of the building, you will automatically be switched to Michael.

Grab Mr.K while losing escort

GTA 5 mission 22This is the part of the mission where you can switch between the three characters, and use their locations to your advantage. Frankin’s role is to use sniper rifle from the building across the street from the FIB, to wipe out the agents in Michael’s vicinity, as well as the pilots of the incoming helicopters. Michael’s role is to grab Mr.K, and shoot down the agents that are not in Franklin’s range. While Trevor is flying the getaway helicopter, Michael should use a machine gun.
Switching the roles successfully counts for the completion of the mission gold tasks. You can use Franklin for completing ”Headshots” task, Michael’s special ability for the completion of ”Accuracy”, and Trevor for completing “Mission Time”. You can choose between Trevor and Michael to take Mr.K from the agents and get him into the helicopter. In order to complete the task “Accuracy,” you should choose Trevor, fly the helicopter, do piloting maneuvers which will help Michael to destroy enemy’s helicopters.

Return to the meeting point

GTA 5 Three Company GuideLanding the helicopter as Trevor counts for the completion of the mission.
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