GTA Online UFO Location Today Map Halloween 2023

Our GTA Online UFO Locations guide will show you on the map all alien locations for the new GTA 5 Halloween event 2023. The GTA Online Alien Sightseeing Halloween event lets you see flying saucers in a number of locations around the map. The UFO hunt is made a bit more difficult because there are a number of different locations. However, who doesn’t want to do some UFO-watching, right?

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gta online alien ufo sightseeing halloween event 2022
GTA Online UFO locations – Alien Sightseeing – Halloween Event

Where to Find GTA Online UFO Location in Halloween Event 2023

To find the Alien UFO locations as a part of the GTA Online Halloween event 2023, you basically just need to visit one of the locations where the flying saucers can spawn. They appear in Blaine County and Los Santos, between 10 PM and 3 AM in-game time. They will always be in the sky, of course. The one problem is that the UFOs spawn in a different location every day. In the map below, you can see where you should look for UFOs every day during this event.

gta online ufo location today 2022

DayUFO Location
1 (October 12)Paleto Bay Peninsula
2 (October 13)Above sunken UFO in Paleto Bay
3 (October 14)Mount Chiliad
4 (October 15)El Gordo Lighthouse
5 (October 16)Altruist Camp
6 (October 17)Silent Probe Mountain in Sandy Shores
7 (October 18)Satellite Relay Station
8 (October 19)Gunrunning UFO Crash Site
9 (October 20)Two locations:
Gunrunning UFO Crash Sight (number 8)
Shack – Grand Senora Desert (number 9)
10 (October 21)Patriot House near Redwood Lights Track
11 (October 22)Farm near Vinewood Hills
12 (October 23)Palmer-Taylor Power Station
13 (October 24)Paleto area – three locations (numbers 1,2,3)
14 (October 25)Three Locations: Altruist Camp, Fort Zancudo and Farm (numbers 5,8,11)
15 (October 26)Two locations: East Blaine County (numbers 10,12)
16 (October 27)Five Locations: Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE Headquarters
17 (October 28)14 UFO locations
18 (October 29)14 UFO locations
17 (October 30)14 UFO locations
17 (October 31)14 UFO locations

Now, with all of that said, you can approach the UFOs during the GTA Online Halloween 2023 event fairly closely if you’re in a plane or helicopter. However, if you come too close to them, they will disappear after a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder. When that happens, your engine might stall. So, if you’re in an airborne vehicle during the GTA Online UFO Halloween event, make sure that you’re not flying too close to the ground. Otherwise, if the UFO makes your engine cut out, you might crash and die. I like this particular details specifically because UFO reports sometimes talk about engines stalling when approaching a saucer. Points for “authenticity” there. If you need more details for finding UFOs take a look at this great video by GTA Series Videos.

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