Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer

One of the biggest bands of all time, BTS are a worldwide pop sensation. This Korean boy band has dominated the pop charts for a long time and they are a household name in many homes around the globe. As such, it is only natural that BTS collaborated with another South Korean powerhouse brand – the mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom. As part of this Braver Together event, there is a riddle for players to solve. To help you complete this as soon as possible and claim your reward for doing so, we have the Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer right here.

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Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer
Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer

Riddle Kingdom With BTS Answer in Cookie Run Kingdom

The answer for this new Global Riddle event is “May you be a little happier in our kingdom together”. However, you need to input this without any spaces in between. So, the answer should be MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER. To input this, first, start up the game. Then, go to the Event tab. Once there, look for the Riddle Kingdom in the list. This is where you have to put in the aforementioned riddle answer itself. When you have done this correctly, you will get 3000 Crystal and 1000 Army Bombs.

Where to enter the Cookie Run Kingdom BTS riddle code

Unlike the other Cookie Run Kingdom Codes, BTS riddle code must be entered through the application, not the website. Once you enter the game, look for the events calendar icon. If you still don’t know where to look for calendar, it’s below your profile picture. On the Events page look for Riddle Kingdom tab where you can enter BTS Code.

Also, once you have put in the correct CRK BTS riddle answer, you will then be able to also enter the raffle for the Art Book if you so choose. To do this, you will need to provide personal data such as your email, date of birth, address, phone number, and so on. However, doing this is recommended, since, if between one and three million people sign up for this, all participating players are going to receive additional thousands of Crystals and Army Bombs, as well as a Soulstone of Choice BTS Chest at the three million mark.

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